Casa Reforma by Central de Arquitectura

Casa Reforma by Central De Arquitectura

Architects: Central De Arquitectura
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Central de Arquitectura

The proposition was made through strong stone volumes which react to the horizontality that the spaces and the project created and to their extents. The task retakes the geometries of the connection and urban picture, binding together them in a tectonic volume. These volumes glide over a water mirror which offers access to the house. A solitary skin of stone gives shading and shape to the entire undertaking, making adjusted openings and punctures that permit the passageway of light and shades made by the same volumes, controlling over normal light and making private and encouraging territories.


In the inside, the spaces created by the plan, had a lot of differing qualities in the materials connected, and additionally their blend. The auxiliary arrangement is a mix of cement and steel; as a result of the separation that are planned to be liberated. The outcome was an arrangement see free of segments and outwardly straightforward that produces a communication between within and the outside over the current translucent openings. The inside spaces associate with the outside spaces and nature.


The undertaking is a habitation that is created from the wide needs of the customer, with a broad program that was produced and which permitted to make a round of spaces along the task. The system comprises of open air zones, enhancements and entertainment, and additionally private and administration territories.


The inside structural engineering assumed a noteworthy part in the outline process, one of the components to notice is the connection of materials and furniture picked in each of the components that create the last venture.

Casa-Reforma-03 Casa-Reforma-04 Casa-Reforma-05 Casa-Reforma-06 Casa-Reforma-07 Casa-Reforma-08 Casa-Reforma-09 Casa-Reforma-10 Casa-Reforma-11 Casa-Reforma-12 Casa-Reforma-13 Casa-Reforma-14 Casa-Reforma-15 Casa-Reforma-17 Casa-Reforma-18 Casa-Reforma-20-1 Casa-Reforma-20-2 Casa-Reforma-20-3 Casa-Reforma-20 Casa-Reforma-21 Casa-Reforma-22-1 Casa-Reforma-22 Casa-Reforma-23 Casa-Reforma-24-1 Casa-Reforma-24 Casa-Reforma-25-1 Casa-Reforma-25 Casa-Reforma-26 Casa-Reforma-27 Casa-Reforma-28 Casa-Reforma-29 Casa-Reforma-30 Casa-Reforma-40 Casa-Reforma-41 Casa-Reforma-42 Casa-Reforma-43 Casa-Reforma-44 Casa-Reforma-45 Casa-Reforma-46 Casa-Reforma-47 Casa-Reforma-48 Casa-Reforma-49 Casa-Reforma-50 Casa-Reforma-51 Casa-Reforma-52

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