House on the Mountain by Alric Galindez Architects

House on the Mountain by Alric Galindez Architects

Architects: Alric Galindez Architects
Location: Bariloche, Argentina
Area: 6,360 square foot
Photos: Alric Galindez Architects

The house is a consequence of a few stone boxes heaped up in favor of a slanting range. Every one of these cases focuses and outlines an extraordinary perspective, where we can discover Cathedral, Otto, and Ventana mountains, as fundamental characters of the scene seen from inside. 


The space is sorted out with the goal that it can be partitioned in diverse zones, contingent upon the quantity of persons that are really utilizing the spot.


Amid a large portion of the year, the house can be utilized by territories, littler homes inside the enormous house for single couple treks or for gatherings of companions in recreation arranges, or even them two occurrence in the meantime. These assortment of formats change within life of the house, developing, evolving, adjusting, advancing.


We utilized neighborhood stones to keep a rational dialect with the brutal and superb encompassing, attempting to make the thought that the house was dependably there, generally as another rock or an unnoticed normal component. Snow children fortify the thought. A white endless overwhelming perspective, just a couple mountain crests show up in dull complexity, and the house dependably there.


The social range is put on the entrance level, ruling the best perspectives caught by white quiet boxes from inside, contradicting to the staggering outside. The main room, and the visitors room share this level as well, every confronting an alternate mountain, in this astounding kaleidoscope of sights.


On the ground floor level, the spaces for the children, formed by the area incline, making distinctive circumstances and volumes, and a two level space, because of a sudden discouragement on the landscape turns into the young men expert space.


As an augmentation of the deck, a twisted wooden stair guides us to the last box, resting a couple ventures beneath. A touring Jacuzzi offers the best nightfall perspectives of lake Gutierrez, and underneath the wooden deck, a warm rec center and a sauna finish this unwind a rousing post, in a perfect temperament, somewhat over the Patagonian valley.

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