North Bay Residence in Miami by Touzet Studio

North Bay Residence in Miami by Touzet Studio

Architects: Touzet Studio
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Year: 2008
Area: 12,309 square foot
Photos: Connie Taudt-Ehrling, Alexia Fodere

The house is outlined as a long principle bar, running East-West, situated on the North side of the property. This bar is crossed by two different components, in this manner shaping a progression of three yards – each with its own particular separate and remarkable character. The road side of the property contains various develop live oaks which educated the character of the first court.

North-BayResidence-00This court, the “Tree Court” is bound by the Florida cornerstone clad mass of the Guest Quarters volume and the ficus ripens secured volume of the carport. The court is shielded by the normal covering of the oak trees. The principal opposite component, a glass-clad scaffold that contains the youngsters’ rooms, reaches out from the primary bar and lays on the Guest Quarters volume. It shields the section to the house and edges the passage to the second court.


This court, the “Downpour Court” is bound on three sides by the dissemination spine of the principle bar, the Guest Quarters volume, and the two-story parlor and opens onto a thick garden divider. The third court, the “Water court” confronts the Bay, and contains the pool and spa and was intended to make an outside situation that supported full get to and happiness regarding the Bay and its long vistas and dusks. The second shade to shield a court is the solid “parasol” that stretches out over the family room volume.


It is situated to offer sunlight based and rain insurance. By being lifted over the rooftop, it permits the Bay breezes to move through the site, keeping both the Water Court and Rain Court cool. It likewise goes about as a sun based reflector, blocking direct sun through the vast majority of the day however permitting the light that is reflected off the single film top of the lounge room rooftop to bob off its underside.


North-BayResidence-04 North-BayResidence-05 North-BayResidence-06 North-BayResidence-07 North-BayResidence-08 North-BayResidence-09 North-BayResidence-10 North-BayResidence-18 North-BayResidence-21 North-BayResidence-22

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