The toy apartment in New Taipei City by KC Design Studio

The toy apartment in New Taipei City by KC Design Studio

Architects: KC Design Studio
Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan
Year: 2015
Area: 538 sqft / 50 sqm
Photo courtesy: Sam Siew Shien

Containing mezzanine range, this casein Wanli District, the edges of Taipei, has around 15 pyeong (around 50 m2 [538 ft2]) inside spaces. The 2 clients work for visual computerization and design business, and gather toy figures and Lego as their interest. In this manner, the outline requires an extensive space for figure making, and in addition show spaces for showcase and capacity. Besides, wish to embrace the blend and match style for their design business, so the outline combines diverse basic sorts and materials.


The previous considers some agreement, for example, moderate stairline with fantastic framed storeroom. The later structures a harmony between the energetic sentiment enlivening tiles in warm hues, and the extensive measure of chilly dark wardrobes, in addition to the impartial materials, for example, metals to add in more surfaces. At last, the enhancing—their own classic rarity furniture—draws out the air of occasion house to this blend and matchspace.

The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-02 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-03 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-04 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-05 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-06 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-07 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-08 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-09 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-10 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-11 The-toy-apartment-in-New-Taipei-City-by-KC-Design-Studio-12

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