Vacation home in Barcelona by Susanna Cots Estudi de Disseny

Vacation home in Barcelona by Susanna Cots Estudi de Disseny

Architects: Susanna Cots Estudi de Disseny
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Susanna Cots Estudi de Disseny

The association between the inside and outside has been the motivation of the motor lodging Catalan creator “Maison de vacances” (Barcelona, ​​2015). A feature that characterizes awesome task of this family duplex, whose proprietors needed to get away from the regular anxiety of the city. Susanna Cots has outlined an extensive space that grasps the porch lodging in one zone of ​​the house, upstairs. In it, two pails of DM lacquered figure out how to make two family correspondence situations: the kitchen and the front room, inside the house and two unwinding territories abroad. In the kitchen the inside has planned an arrangement of symmetries getting indoor-open air feasting table that fits in with both zones.


In addition, in the front room it is introduced a focal chimney that encourages solace and perusing from both perspectives. At the base of the lodging they are anticipated two suites with washroom in each. The contemplated and watchful lighting to detail has been thought to support open correspondence at home and ready to transmit feelings and vibes of being on an occasion. Joining the idea outline utilizing regular materials and white, as the undisputed sign of the study drove by Susan Cots.

Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-02 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-03 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-04 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-05 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-06 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-07 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-08 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-09 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-10 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-11 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-12 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-13 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-14 Vacation-home-in-Barcelona-by-Susanna-Cots-Estudi-de-Disseny-15

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