Flatiron House by FORM studio

Flatiron House by FORM studio

Architects: FORM studio
Location: London, England
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Bruce Hemming

Importantly portrayed by one guest as “a staircase with rooms”, the little triangular foot shaped impression of this irregular downtown area 2-room house foreordained its apparently basic spatial course of action, with one rule room on each of five stories, topped by a rooftop porch. As ever however, the overlooked details are the main problem, and extensive thought has gone into the nuances of the format and outline at every level to guarantee that each space attempts to its ideal; and that the vertical spatial stream between them, gave by a mark staircase, feels common and liquid.


A crooked white acrylic balustrade strengthens this stream, rising like a curved and collapsed strip through the five stories of the house and surrounding a vertiginous 14 meter perspective from glass rooftop to storm cellar that loans the little house a surprising feeling of scale.

Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-02 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-03 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-04 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-05 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-06 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-07 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-08 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-09 Flatiron-House-by-FORM-studio-10

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