Jewel of Kahana by Arri Lecron Architects

Jewel of Kahana by Arri LeCron Architects

Architects: Arri Lecron Architects
Location: Island of Maui, Hawaii
Area: 9,200 sqft
Price: $14,9 million
Photo courtesy: Maui Estate International

Comprising of more than 9,200 sq ft of adaptable living space, this extravagance habitation is situated in the middle of Kaanapali and Kapalua. The task was finished in late 2009 by Californian building design firm Arri LeCron.


The detail incorporates 7 rooms, each with an extravagant shower, in addition to a connected oceanfront 529 sq ft visitor home with one room/one washroom.


Include an oceanfront pool with spa and waterfalls, a game bar with pool and amusements tables, 3 additional half bathrooms and a three-auto carport and you wind up with a sticker price of $14.9 million.

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