7 Garden Edging Options to Explore

Modernizing Your Yard: 7 Garden Edging Options to Explore

A little landscaping goes a long way, and it can be simple and affordable, too! The curb appeal of a well-designed yard increases your home’s value and is something you can enjoy coming home to every day. These seven garden edging options run from quick DIY jobs to more complex, but worthwhile, projects. Go ahead and explore one or all of them to get your lawn modernized.

1. Start With Bricks

The easiest way to a neatly ordered path is to use bricks or concrete blocks. The materials are available anywhere that sells garden supplies Bayswater, and the installation is simple.

Choose a style that matches your home, then connect the blocks or bricks using vertical or horizontal stacks. There’s no end to the effects you can create by defining spaces, building walls, or making paths through the yard.

2. Add Some Shells

Is the sea your home away from home? Whether you live near the ocean or inland, you can bring the feel of the beach to your yard with sea shell edging.

We’re not talking about the random small, broken pieces you pick up along the shore, although that can work. Remember, the important part of the edging is to keep your mulch or soil safe from erosion and weathering. 

Large landscaping seashells are necessary to get the job done. You can always add more decorative shells inside the edging.

3. Aluminum or Steel

Is your main goal for edging to keep the weeds out? If so, a plain, lowkey aluminum or steel separator can do the trick.

This type of edging is perfect for places where a straight line or simple curve is needed. All you have to do is use the stake to install the product, leaving about two inches above the ground to keep the ground cover stable.

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4. Stones

Stone edging sounds plain and to the point, but it can be used to create various effects. Get back to basics with boulders from the woods and creek, or design a sophisticated look with marble stones.

Make sure you dig a few inches into the ground and align the stone edges tightly to prevent erosion.

5. Cut Logs

Using cut and treated logs is a fast, cost-effective way to get a lot of edging done quickly. This eco-friendly option uses to cut wood from the store or your own property to landscape an area.

However, wood attracts insects and warps easily. Be sure to treat the wood for both before you take time and money to edge your property with lumber.

6. Gravel 

Gravel is easy to manipulate into piles of your preferred thickness and width. You can use it to create pathways or line edging wherever you want to set up a boundary.

Keep the gravel about half an inch away from the top of the plant beds and lawn to prevent spillover. Otherwise, have fun with this idea and get creative!

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7. Planted Pots

Yes, you can use plants to edge your plant garden. The difference is that the greenery you use in your edging boundary is all in pots!

It’s up to your tastes whether you want these potted plants to be uniform or different. However, make sure they’re easy to maintain and won’t outgrow the pot.

Each of these edging options is an excellent way to keep your yard maintained and orderly. Use one or all of them to start your next landscaping project!

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