Casa Vitacura by Riesco + Rivera architects

Casa Vitacura by Riesco + Rivera architects

Architects: Riesco+Rivera arquitectos
Location: Vitacura, Vitacura, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Year: 2009
Area: 1,787 sqft / 166 sqm
Photo courtesy: Aryeh Kornfeld

The commissioned work was that of a home for a youthful family, to set on a plot of area with constrained estimated space for building.


In attempt to free up the highest conceivable amount of area, it was chosen to raise the rooms and family room onto the second floor, taking point of preference the perspective by using the first floor deck.


It was additionally chosen to keep the visual association between the front and back of the site. That is the reason a deck was made to go about as a nook for the principle open spaces.


By method for mobile pieces it is conceivable to consolidate or separate up spaces and also the associations with the outside.

Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-04 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-05 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-06 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-07 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-08 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-09 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-10 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-11 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-12 Casa-Vitacura-by-Riesco--Rivera-architects-13

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