K8 Residence in Kyoto by Florian Busch Architects

K8 Residence in Kyoto by Florian Busch Architects

Architects: Florian Busch Architects
Location: Kawaramachi, Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Year: 2015
Area: 1,679 sqft / 156 sqm
Photo courtesy: Nacása & Partners

Until some time back, there were, as we were told, 12 bars spread more than three 2-story houses on this 50 m2 plot on Kiyamachidori, adjoining one of Kyoto’s most multifaceted system of night rear ways, Pontocho, where a lively blend of bars, massage parlors, hotels, homes, shops have for a considerable length of time made a urban climate of fundamental Kyoto nightlife. With an unpretentious top of the line eatery alongside an (outwardly more obvious) shoddy yakitori, with a shrouded jewel of a ryokan toward the end of the tightest of side-rear ways over a perplexing spot instructing fearlessness to enter, any stroll here prompts inevitable astonishments.


As the eastern piece of Pontocho looks onto Kamogawa, Kyoto’s significant stream, making an extraordinary landscape, urban regulations have not permitted this region to change much for quite a long time: It is still a fabric of little, low houses. Toward the west, Kiyamchidori runs parallel to Pontocho’s principle spine. Here, regulations have slackened after some time bringing about a diverse exhibit of structures up to six stories tall. K8 is on a slender site roosted between two such tall structures speaking to the days when the region was pronounced open wilderness and snappy cash was placed in raising, (best case scenario) unexceptional unremarkableness.


Where Pontocho is experienced as a flat grouping of experiences, K8 is the interpretation of that experience into the vertical. In previous the omnipresent lift, which –being a disengaged tube entering inconsequential layers– isolates as much as it unites, K8 is actually one sound, constantly shifting space extending more than eight levels. Here, the night advances as a steadily changing course of occasions, from aperitif on ground level to digestif on the top sitting above Pontocho towards Kamogawa, the staircase connecting a differences of in-betweens.


As a homogeneous yet consistently evolving surface, the façade makes an equivocalness frequently found in Kyoto’s construction modeling. Through their progressive turns, a few hundred wooden louvers bring out a feeling of movement, as though the building itself were ceaselessly captivating with its surroundings. The building’s inside is more covered than uncovered. Confronting the building, one is left without an exact answer in respect to what number of floors or how profound the building may be. Towards the sides, the louvers are turned to a degree that they nearly give off an impression of being a strong, yet nuanced, divider. Towards the center, changing degrees of straightforwardness give unobtrusive indications about within. Strolling by further gets the façade under way, as though the building itself were engaging so as to move around the individuals who cruise, them by uncovering looks of within in differing depths.

K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-04 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-05 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-06 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-07 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-08 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-09 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-10 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-11 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-12 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-13 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-14 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-15 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-16 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-17 K8-Residence-in-Kyoto-by-Florian-Busch-Architects-18

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