Enclave in the Clouds by HOLA Design

Enclave in the Clouds by HOLA Design

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Photo courtesy: Yassen Hristov

Enclave in the clouds is the apartment with a glass wall in one of the skyscrapers in Warsaw with a breathtaking view of the Praga district. Exclusive location, sublime taste of its owners and perfect realization carried out with great care for the minutest detail offered in a “turn-key or move-in” option by HOLA DESIGN.


Carefully selected furnishing elements, items tasteful both in their form, color scheme as well as texture complete the space maintained in a modern, slightly informal style with capably intertwined into the arrangement reminiscences of the Far East culture.


Most of the furnishing elements were created according to the studio’s individual designs, specifically for this project.


The living room is dominated by a mirror wall with an engraved geometric design. This wall not only constitutes a decorative element of the room, but also corrects its proportions.


The bedroom is a room most saturated with a climate of the cherry blossom land. A painting on the w all above headboard is placed in a frame corresponding to mirror frame in the living room.


The portal element surrounding the bed’s headboard was individually designed by HOLA DESIGN and made by a carpentry studio, with which the design company has a long-standing working relationship.

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