Residence Rotterdam by KOLENIK Eco Chic design

Residence Rotterdam by KOLENIK Eco Chic design

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Photo courtesy: KOLENIK Eco Chic design

What do you get when you are the owner of a sublime villa in Rotterdam and you give designer Robert Kolenik carte blanche to redesign your interior? Eco chic eye candy for extremely comfortable living.


Take the living room for example. With that grand, eye-catching, custom-made Proud couch by Kolenik measuring 6.5m (21ft) in length, together with a pivoting door from Kolenik’s own Bo’dor collection. Sheer happiness is expressed by the kitchen with its illuminated tabletop made from pure white onyx and supported by a lychee tree trunk.


Kolenik’s global boutique design studio has pulled out all the stops with the master bedroom as well; an en suite walk-in-closet with flush fish leather handles and a divine bathroom that embodies the wellness experience and boasts twin lit sinks in black onyx.


Illuminating the villa is Maretti lighting while Kolenik’s own floor lamp ‘Dream’ radiates out from the corner of the gorgeous kitchen. In the basement you’ll delight in a bar and cinema, with a Kharma sound system to make the entire house tantalising for the ears as well as the eyes. All the electronics in the villa are automated by Bits & Bytes, while the latest techniques in water pump devices and the use of rainwater make the house more sustainable.


Work becomes a pleasure when sitting at the 2.5 x 2.5m (8 x 8ft) multifunctional desk with integrated multimedia, particularly with one wall clad in ‘Wrinkle’ by Dofine and adorned with palisander wood cupboards. A perfect example of what you get when you give Kolenik carte blanche: happy clients.

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