Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Architects: Risto Eräpohja, Jussi Eiramo
Location: Saariselkä, Finland
Year: 1973
Photo courtesy: Valtteri Hirvonen, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

The resort was established in 1973 by Jussi Eiramo (regardless he owns the business and works as Head of the Board these days) who has enhanced the entire lodging structures, including glass igloo and kelo-glass igloo, which is our most current settlement.


The resort is situated in two unique “towns”, East and West Village. East Village was the first constructed and where planner Risto Eräpohja was the fundamental engineer. West Village is the fresher piece of the resort and every one of the structures there have been planned by Jussi Eiramo. He has utilized numerous nearby and Finnish specialists with interior design.

Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-02 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-03 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-04 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-05 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-06 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-07 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-08 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-09 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-10 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-11 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-12 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-13 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-14 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-15 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-16 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-17 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-18 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-19 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-20 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-21 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-22 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-23 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-24 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-25 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-26 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-27 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-28 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-29 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-30 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-31 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-32 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-33 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-34 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-35 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-36 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-37 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-38 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-39 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-40 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-41 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-42 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-43 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-44Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-45 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-46 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-47 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-48 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-49 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-50 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-51 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-52 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-53 Kakslauttanen-Arctic-Resort-54

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