6 Amazing Interior Architecture Projects From Around the World

6 Amazing Interior Architecture Projects From Around the World


Architectural design is a nuanced specialty that takes lifeless buildings and personifies them into individualistic characters that tell a story. These incredible structures make the monotony of daily life in the modern world a little more beautiful, enchanting, and captivating. Here are six of the most amazing interior architecture projects from around the world.

Still, with each passing year, designers manage to keep surprising the world with new and innovative creations. From malls to theatres to office buildings, designers are constantly reinventing past innovations, creating new and unique spaces designed for function and aesthetic appeal. 

“Simple yet stunning, heartful yet high tech, accentuated yet limitless… We can keep on listing the peculiarities of modern architectural design solutions and still fail to describe the boundaries,” says Gevorg Hambardzumyan, CEO of Front Signs, a business sign-making company operating U.S.-wide. 

6 Amazing Interior Architecture Projects From Around the World

1. The Four Seasons, Bogotá

The Four Seasons Hotel Bogotá is a perfect example of what role the finer details play in an interior design project. Every accessory, from wall dividers to signage, is thoughtfully chosen. The veteran design team at Rottet Studio managed to embody luxury without sacrificing the core Colombian culture.

The hotel is contained within a row of three buildings that were constructed in the 1980s. The overhaul took the Rottet Studio team a grand total of 16 months, during which the buildings were inaccessible to anyone but the core team and skilled contractors.

The result is a stunning hotel that boasts a blend of neoclassical and contemporary design features. Rather than the standard structure of one floor stacked on top of another, the rooms are divided into smaller groups of seven with private landings. This design feature creates a boutique atmosphere that better suits Bogotá versus the traditional Four Seasons design scheme.

Another stunning feature within the Four Seasons Hotel Bogotá is the use of different textiles that represent the importance of local artists in Colombian culture. Wooden beams, woven fabrics, and textured wall installations offer a delicate balance between luxury and the “everyman” culture of the city.


2. The Euphoria Spa, Greece

The Euphoria Spa, housed within The Euphoria Retreat in Mystras, Greece, embodies its namesake. The firm decaARCHITECTURE collaborated with Natalia Efraimoglou & Partners to bring this space to life, adding a contemporary quality to an old-world design. They managed to create a modern marvel of a building without sacrificing the soft curves and stonework that showcases the beauty of ancient Greece.

What makes this building so unique is that it is built into the mountain. The design teams worked together to create an organic structure that blends into the natural surroundings without going unnoticed.

The combination of contemporary and non-contemporary design features creates an asynchronous atmosphere for visitors. In many ways, the building is designed to evoke a sense of displacement in visitors, removing from them their concept of space and time. Given the usage of the building, this undercurrent is perfect by design. 


3. The Webster, California

Feature image: Dror Baldinger

There’s something distinctly Los Angeles about designing a pink building with the right balance that makes it right at home in the surrounding city. The most notable feature of the dusty rose exterior is the contrast between strength and softness. The pink color speaks to a softness, while the concrete facade conveys toughness and durability, creating a metaphor for life in LA.

The theme continues throughout the interior of the building. The Webster is 11,000 square feet of soft reds and vibrant pinks. The contrast continues with the minimalist, utilitarian design elements — raw stone walls with simple light fixtures that fade into the background, softened by luxurious curves and rosy hues. 

Perhaps most impressive of all is the use of intentionally placed mirrors, reflective brass accents, and soft downlighting to create a warm, welcoming space. Despite being a monolith of concrete, The Webster feels welcoming rather than imposing.


4. Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl, Austria

Perhaps no building better embodies the essence of contemporary design than Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl. This building is a corporate-office-meets-entertainment-and-manufacturing mecca. The building manages to combine both contemporary and rustic atmospheres for something entirely unique.

The interior structure is designed to fade into the background without being boring. Large windows and vaulted ceilings allow natural light to illuminate the unobtrusive shades of gray and white. The main feature of this interior is not the space itself, but rather the action within. The vision behind this design was to draw attention to what’s happening within the walls of the winery, rather than what’s happening on the walls.

The experts at the Destilat Design Studio managed to pay homage to the ancient tradition of winemaking while adding non-invasive modern design features. It’s a well-planned architectural project that ultimately won them the bid against other firms. 


Hubei Qianjiang Golden Bridge Mall Cinema, China

The Hubei Qianjiang Golden Bridge Mall Cinema is more than just a theater; it’s a work of art. In fact, the core inspiration for the interior architecture is traditional art galleries. 

The hallway to each theater is in black and white, creating the sense that you’ve stepped into a classic film. Each poster is framed and illuminated with soft, inset lighting rather than the more modern fluorescent backlight. Black and white furniture, signage, carpets, and decor elements all contribute to the nostalgic-yet-modern atmosphere. The contrast also adds a lot of texture and dimension in the space.

The design team at One Plus Partnership continued the feeling of an art gallery by prioritizing the sense of tranquility and relaxation. Rather than a boisterous arcade, you’ll find a lush seating area where you can relax until your show starts. The theme carries into the restrooms, with the same black and white flooring, framing, and decor.

If you view photos of the Hubei Qianjiang Golden Bridge Mall Cinema, you’ll mistakenly take them to be black and white photos. However, this is an illusion created by the incredible design and theme of the space.


Tori Tori Santa Fe, Mexico

Tori Tori Santa Fe is a large restaurant with interior architecture that speaks to the fusion on the menu. This Japanese restaurant, located in Mexico City, was designed to emulate the traditional armor worn by Japanese soldiers. The dark, almost industrial elements of the design are softened with the curved central bar and lighter, soft wooden features. Most notable is the fin-inspired design of the column over the central bar, which carries the lighter features upward to contrast the dark, industrial ceiling.

The entire interior, from architectural elements to furniture and design accessories, was customized by the team at Esrawe Studio. The result is both light and dark, functional and fashionable. When you step into Tori Tori Santa Fe, you’ll feel as though you’ve teleported to Japan.


Final Thoughts – amazing interior architecture

These incredible feats of design are just a few of the more recent award winners and contenders from recent years. Every year, designers redefine the boundaries of contemporary design and push the limits of functional art. 

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