How To Get The Country Kitchen Look

How To Get The Country Kitchen Look

Rustic homes are incredibly on trend right now giving you a gorgeously charming and whimsical look in your home. This look shines best when used in a kitchen as it allows you to work with older architectural features in your home beautifully. There is most definitely a key colour palette to work with when it comes to country looks, and that is neutral and soft. This classic look can be modernised with contrasting industrial inspired furnitures and accessories to give you that perfect modern twist on a traditional aesthetic. Of course, no kitchen is complete without tiling, so just which tiles are going to give you this stunning design?


We mentioned it briefly above, but colour is your key factor to work with. Ultimately, you want to avoid those harsher colours such as reds or vivid greens. You want to instead keep within that fairly neutral palette and avoid anything too harsh. Think beiges, creams and pastel like colours. That’s not to say that you can’t opt for darker tones however. Say you opt for a travertine floor tile, this would look incredible when complemented with a harsher black splashback above your oven or stove. Ideally you want to strike that balance between old and new and this can sometimes take careful planning. Similarly, use lighter colours on your walls or splashbacks and you can then work with a darker tones found in slate floor tiles for example.

Materials and Styles

When it comes to the material, you want to try to stick with something natural. As we previously mentioned, travertine or slate would be a fantastic choice. But as well as this, try stone or marble for a slightly more sophisticated touch. So long as your choice of tile material has a nice, natural texture to it you will be well on your way to creating that country kitchen. While these tiles look great on your floor, there are more options when it comes to your walls. For that hint of modern try a metro tile with a high gloss finish. This tile has risen to popularity this year thanks to its vintage connotations in the design world. This makes it great for country kitchens which want to retain that slight contemporary flair. This coupled with the textured natural material floor tiles makes for a beautiful aesthetic.

If you’re wanting a country kitchen on a budget, don’t panic. While natural materials are more durable and long-lasting, you can get much cheaper equivalents. With the continuing advancements in manufacturing you can now get porcelain or ceramic tiles that have a natural material effect. These are cheaper than the real thing and give you that same great look. Similarly, wood effect tiles are also a beautiful choice. Their slightly more earthy looks can stop some kitchens from looking too clinical when using a lot of tiling. These tiles are great if you really want to emphasise the rustic look.

So, there you have it. Some simple tips and tricks on how tiles can help you get a charming country kitchen. Pair these tiles with distressed furnitures such as tables and worn leather seats for that well loved look.

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