Juranda House by Apiacás Arquitetos

Juranda House by Apiacás Arquitetos

Architects: Apiacás Arquitetos
Location: Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2008
Area: 1,614 sqft
Photo courtesy: Pregnolato & Kusuki Estúdio Fotográfico

In outlining our home on a urban plot with measurements of 6 x 24m, situated in Rua Juranda, Vila Beatriz, São Paulo, we were compelled to set up certain criteria for the development of a place of around 150m².


As the landscape of the plot had a highlighted slant, the base of the plot being more than three and a half meters beneath the asphalt level, the building was dispersed over half levels, isolated by a three story void which contains the staircase access to the floors. This void sorts out the spaces of the house: lounge, lounge area and kitchen on the ground floor and three rooms, two bathrooms, office and a “deck” on the upper floors. The house is developed to the edges of the plot and hence it is lit and ventilated from the front and back.


The thought was to make the house as straightforward as could be allowed, in a way that would build up an association with the outside zones. All together make this practical, we outlined the openings at the front and back of the house to be on the same pivot and to be three meters wide. Whenever open, the coating components slide behind the dividers uniting the inner and outside spaces. We tried to execute the development work in the most temperate way conceivable. From the begin, we attempted to maintain a strategic distance from beyond what many would consider possible any sort of earth moving, which is dependably a cumbersome piece of the financial backing of any development.


Thus, the majority of the sections, including those on the ground floor are upheld on the structure of the parallel dividers of the house. The house is given structure by steel strengthened solid cast nearby with the chunks in pre-assembled cement staying noticeable after development. The greater part of the brickwork is in fired squares secured with a white render. We picked to put the majority of the house’s foundation on the most reduced floor, making utilization of the nature incline, this incorporates: a water reservoir, heater and sewage treatment framework.


By and large, this is an undertaking that attempted to confine the measurements, to the entirely important, of territories, for example, rooms and bathrooms so that the public spaces would be more liberal even inside of this restricted plot, advancing mutual living, ideally with companions.

Juranda-House-02 Juranda-House-03-1 Juranda-House-03-2 Juranda-House-03 Juranda-House-04 Juranda-House-05 Juranda-House-08 Juranda-House-11-6 Juranda-House-11 Juranda-House-12 Juranda-House-13-1 Juranda-House-13-2 Juranda-House-14 Juranda-House-15 Juranda-House-21 Juranda-House-22 Juranda-House-23 Juranda-House-24 Juranda-House-25

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