Point Lonsdale Beach House by Baenziger Coles

Point Lonsdale Beach House by Baenziger Coles

Architects: Baenziger Coles
Location: Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Ross Bird

The building is an impression of the proprietor’s energy for the outside and the numerous great open air interests including; surfing, angling, and surf life sparing. A yearning for a retreat whereby one could just unwind and amuse family and companions in agreeable inside spaces with a necessary connection to the outside. This was more about the association with the ground as opposed to perspectives of the water or the shoreline.


The outline of the house is contemporary in its way to deal with configuration and created in its execution. The size of the house regards bordering neighbors. The site introduction and course of action of the assembled structures react and grasp the indigenous habitat at each open door, as does the utilization of nearby and reused materials. The outline imitates an energy for quality, feel, usefulness and its association with nature.


The outline depends on the basic game plan of three particular components – the first floor “compartment”, the ground floor range that contains the interior spatial courses of action and the parlor region.


There are numerous concealed fortunes, finely nitty gritty astonishments, hand made antiquities and knickknacks that have been woven into the configuration of the house, numerous just getting to be clear after closer examination. Not at all like the command hierarchy that takes pride of spot denoting the section, the 10 rooftop top mounted sun based boards are not clear and can’t be seen, nor can the overhang canals which have been taken cover behind the calculated timber clad cutting edges on the western and eastern exteriors – hiding the mechanics of the water collecting framework.


Inside the house advances openness yet the unmistakably characterized spaces can be effortlessly cut off or zoned for protection and when a scope of exercises and occasions are happening. Vertical coated boards between the border coating interconnect the divided spaces and offer perspectives from one end of the house to the next. The nature of the outer structural planning is unmistakably reflected in the inside spaces.


The utilization of legitimate, neighborhood and reused materials supplements the building’s feeling of spot in the setting of the neighborhood. Characteristic materials, for example, spotted gum run vertically on the upper level timber façade, and split face solid squares shape the “bookends”. Irregular example Castlemaine slate is utilized as the cook’s garment wrap up the house and as a pathway uniting with the nearby workshop and carport. The stone for the bended outer divider that grasps and characterizes the open air BBQ and suppers region was reused from the chimney smokestack and greenery enclosure bed walling of the past house.


One of the outline difficulties was the site – which taking a gander at the last living arrangement this may not be promptly obvious, but rather the site was essentially level and in that capacity, moderately uninteresting as far as having the capacity to make a structure that may react to an undulating or slanting geology that regularly can offer ascent to something entirely progressive and intriguing.


The test was to plan another two story house in amongst a region ruled by single story houses (without the new home standing out like a sore thumb) and to minimize the effect of mass and any loss of sun oriented entrance to the locales promptly bordering the property.


The way the house is organized suits the way of life and the way the proprietors go about their exercises superbly; from the custom board racks inside of the carport, to the open air shower, to the gear wash down territory, the “indirect access” passage to the interior shower with incorporated timber seat and wet suit drying rail to the kitchen design, with liberal cookroom and sustenance arrangement zone to the expansive inward eating range that associate consistently to the outer grill and dinners region. The entire configuration is about the boundless waterfront exercises that Point Lonsdale is so honored with and the persistent associating with family and companions that conveys the proprietors to the home weekend after weekend.


By recognizing these issues and mulling over them, we trust the outline was set out to effectively react to these difficulties.

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