Design Like A Pro: Interior Design Ideas for Your Home 

Design Like A Pro: Interior Design Ideas for Your Home 

Freshening up your home and giving it that designer look doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There a number of incredibly simple tricks many designers use that will turn your space around quickly and without breaking the bank. It’s all about paying attention to and tweaking the small details to draw the eye in and give your space a wow factor.

The tips you’re about to read are broad, meaning they can apply to virtually any space. So, before trying them out, it’s good to have an idea of the kind of style you’re aiming for–one that defines your aesthetic. Once you have a solid idea of what kind of look you’re aiming for on your finished project, it’ll be much easier to make decisions about the kinds of decor pieces you’d like.

Use mirrors and paint colors to optimize natural lighting

This is especially useful for renters with restrictions on changes you can make to your rental property. If you are drawn to light and airy spaces and your current space is dark and moody, paint and mirrors can change that. Choose a light neutral paint color for the walls to create an illusion of space. Furthermore, you can place decorative mirrors directly opposite the source of natural light. The mirrors bounce off the light from the source onto the room, acting as a second set of windows. These two combined give the space a feeling of lightness and airiness which can go with any type of furniture and decor pieces.

Mix and match to create a unique look 

Matching furniture is great, but it doesn’t speak to the owner’s personality. It’s more of a uniform which you can find in anyone’s home. Infusing your own personality is easy because all you have to do is choose the furniture and decor pieces you absolutely love and throw the rule of having matching items out the window. According to, mixing and matching materials can give a tired room or outdoor area a stunning, seamless makeover that will last for years. This is where you can be creative and try mixing colors, patterns, textures, finishes, furniture types and so much more. You get to exercise your creative muscles while putting together a collection of items you love and enjoy.

Use what you already have 

When people think about switching up their home, they think starting from 0 is best. However, you can cut down a significant amount of costs by reusing and repurposing what you already own. You can choose to keep some of your old throw pillows to go with new pillows on your couch. Or, if you have a piece of furniture handed down from family, you can touch-up on it or change its color for it to fit into the new space. It just takes a careful and honest selection process as well as a creative eye to see how old pieces can be repurposed to fit into the new space.

Redecorating a home is fun; and although some tend to think it’s expensive, there are tons of ways and tricks to cut costs while still achieving the desired look. The most important thing to remember is to create a space that you love and enjoy being in.

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