Private Residence in La Gorce by Touzet Studio

Private Residence in La Gorce by Touzet Studio

Architects: Touzet Studio
Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Year: 2008
Photos: Mark Surloff

The Client brief included more than 16,000 sf of system and the solicitation that the arrangement organizationshould take after the fundamental format of the 1926 Carl Fisher Estate, a property he had once possessed.

Residence-in-La-Gorce-01The project was distinguishable into three unmistakable groupings: a fundamental house that contained the essential open and private zones; a visitor structure; an administration structure that contained worker quarters, carport, secure capacity, mechanical rooms and power plant.


The principle house comprises of a huge volume met by various differently communicated components that house specific segments of the system: the main room suite is housed inside of a cantilevered glass and stucco component that looks over a portion of private shoreline and the +110 foot reflecting pool (that contains a pool and spa). The family room fills a high-ceilinged glass and stucco wedge that hangs over the front patio nursery.


The breakfast room is a glass box that stretches out past the fundamental volume to catch perspectives of Indian Creek and the morning sun. The fundamental vertical component, at the center of the living arrangement, is a 25′ breadth void that houses a halfway suspended stair that spirals from a 9′ width at the ground level to a 3.5′ width at the rooftop garden on the third level.

Residence-in-La-Gorce-04 Residence-in-La-Gorce-05 Residence-in-La-Gorce-06 Residence-in-La-Gorce-07 Residence-in-La-Gorce-08 Residence-in-La-Gorce-09 Residence-in-La-Gorce-10 Residence-in-La-Gorce-11 Residence-in-La-Gorce-12 Residence-in-La-Gorce-13 Residence-in-La-Gorce-14 Residence-in-La-Gorce-15 Residence-in-La-Gorce-16 Residence-in-La-Gorce-25

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