Sunshine Beach House by Bark Design Architects

Sunshine Beach House by Bark Design Architects

Architects: Bark Design Architects
Location: Queensland, Australia
Area: 536 sqm
Photos: Christopher Frederick Jones

“Expected for interstate clients as their Sunshine Beach event pull back and sited within the reasonably tight cutoff points four neighboring houses and a duplex, the Sunshine Beach house focuses on making a ‘desert patio nursery of unwinding’ within the breaking points of its 536 sq.m waterfront site. The blueprint amasses discretionary spaces around a private North defying twofold tallness indoor outdoors room and swimming pool zone.


As the essential social space, the twofold stature open volume of the living space packs over the kitchen and pool room at either end of the space, and equivalently the essential Outdoor room volume packs as an undercroft underneath the guideline room giving contrasting spots to acknowledge family time, loosening up and events.


Separate zones of the house are related by method for an in number visual turn of stream from the twofold stature timber screened segment on the East through to the louver window on the West. Along this ‘spine’, Northern light falls through a steady unusual state clerestory ‘pop up’, enabling winter sun and trademark cross ventilation.


Taking visual signs from waterfront shoreline shacks of the mid century, the productive material palette combines revealed timber encompassing, timber screens, uncovered studs, FC weatherboards, and cleaned concrete.


Sunshine-Beach-House-04 Sunshine-Beach-House-05 Sunshine-Beach-House-06 Sunshine-Beach-House-07 Sunshine-Beach-House-08 Sunshine-Beach-House-09 Sunshine-Beach-House-10 Sunshine-Beach-House-11 Sunshine-Beach-House-12 Sunshine-Beach-House-13 Sunshine-Beach-House-14 Sunshine-Beach-House-15 Sunshine-Beach-House-16-1 Sunshine-Beach-House-16 Sunshine-Beach-House-17-1 Sunshine-Beach-House-17 Sunshine-Beach-House-18 Sunshine-Beach-House-19 Sunshine-Beach-House-21 Sunshine-Beach-House-22

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