The New Millennial Trend: Barn Style Homes

The New Millennial Trend: Barn Style Homes


To most, barn living is a modern-day trend. When in fact, it dates to prehistoric times when people sought the benefits of living close by to animals in barns.

The barn then gradually became a storage solution until farmers decided to transform the barns into homes by drawing inspiration from the low German housing style.

In the late 20th century, converting barns to homes gained momentum. And today, more and more people are enthusiastic about creating a blend between contemporary and traditional design in their homes by drawing inspiration from barns.

The New Millennial Trend: Barn Style Homes

Picture by Emma Bauso

From new builds weaved with barn-style features. To conversions of barns to living quarters.

Below we look at why people are opting for barn homes or adopting barn-style decor in their abodes.

Plus, a few handy home design tips to help homeowners achieve the barn-esque look.


Pros of Barn Style Homes

Great Sense of Space

One of the most striking features in barns is the space. From masses of square footage to high ceilings, there’s plenty of room to convert and create a luxury living space for all indoors.

Versatile Living

Once you’ve seen the same home layout for the hundredth time, it can make the object of finding an exciting home you love difficult.

Barn conversions, however, are unique. With great character, space, and potential, bans are a great alternative living option for those who want to reside somewhere unconventional.

Open Plan

To see the true magnitude and glory of the barn, designers and barn owners tend to maximize barn space by designing an open-plan living area such as a kitchen, dining room, and living area in one.

This allows for a better flow of light during the day and makes the barn look and feel enormous.

Simpler Times

There is something comforting about the prospect of living in a barn or among interior that’s decorated in the barn style.

Barns emulate a simpler time when the family was, for most, the epicentre of life.

Transform Your Space

To create a barn-style home, the below tips can assist. However, they are not set in stone. Homeowners often successfully implement modern features to complement the conventional design of barns.


A few options for the walls include painting them in neutral colors such as cream or white or otherwise panelling them with wooden boards.

Alternatively, decorators could create a feature wall of panelled wood, with the rest of the walls in neutral colors.


There are a few options for the flooring to give homes that barn-style feel.

These are as follows: terracotta tiles, stone flooring, and wooden flooring. Or an amalgamation of the three throughout the home.


Part of the beauty of barns is the structure used to erect and support the building, such as large oak wooden beams and tall stone pillars.

For those with homes that have high ceilings. Adding decorative beams to the ceiling area could be an option to give the room barn-like character.

Log Burner

To invite a warm glow and cosiness, a stove fire is a must. This is one of the main features of a barn conversion, which adds instant warmth and a homely feel to the area.

Warm Lighting

The New Millennial Trend: Barn Style Homes

Picture by Dmitry Zvolskiy

Stay away from stark white lighting, and instead change your bulbs to feature a warmer, softer glow.

In doing so, the interior of your home will feel and look warmer and reflect the ambiance of a barn conversion.

Popular lighting options include large pendants and wooden or iron wagon wheel chandeliers.

Furnishings and Decoration

Finally, to draw together the look of your room or home, it’s essential to add the finishing touches.

Here are a few ideas to help;

  • Large, heavy faux fur throws
  • Cowhide rugs
  • Faux stag decor to hang on the walls,
  • Big heavy wooden rustic furniture
  • Fairy lights and candles

To create a barn-style effect in your home you’ll love, take time to accrue the pieces from this trend you like the most and gradually put them together to see what works.

Also, don’t be afraid to add your own unique twist too. Whether throwing in a bold feature wall to offset the neutral walls or placing an art deco coffee table in the centre of the room to reflect the chandelier’s lights. The journey of creating barn-style decor in your home is all part of the fun.

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