6 Ways to Save on Home Design if You’re on a Student Budget

6 Ways to Save on Home Design if You’re on a Student Budget

For many students, their college years teach them not only how to study but also how to grow as an adult. It is all about learning how to navigate the world and develop essential skills—creating a space where you can feel at home in one of them. Doing so, you need to know some ways to save on home design.

Young people are not taught anything about home design by their parents or school. You have to figure that out yourself. It is double hard to manage your budget, and many home products are quite expensive. And, to be quite honest, not everything would be your style.

The budget may not be the only problem with hunting the best offers online and offline. The heavy workload leaves many students skipping their meals because of the workload. Therefore, it is good to take a moment and prioritize the question of how to pay for papers on WritePaper to ease the influx of home assignments. As soon as you organize your tasks and essays, you can focus on looking for home design solutions available for you.

The most important part of your home design quest is to stay calm and be quick. You have to pay attention to all the details and nuances of ordering something or building it yourself. There is no room for a mistake for a person with a limited budget. On the other hand, even if you miss some opportunities, you can always expect to find a better option. 

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1. DIY + Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Principle

If you care for the environment and love creating something from scratch, this option is for you. Doing it yourself is not only a building method; it is a lifestyle. It unites you with other people who love creating affordable solutions. DIY is a great way to declutter your space and get rid of something useless.

Renting a house or living in a dorm gives you an upper hand with things already there. However, many landlords don’t like unexpected changes, so it is better to ask beforehand. You will be given the freedom to change something and necessary materials as well.

Look around for something that can be upgraded and reused. Even if it seems that there is nothing you can do, the best ideas come out of nowhere. For example, you can add something that no longer works or upgrade old furniture to your interior decorations. Your old clothes also can be used for adding to a pleasant view. 

As a result, you invest smaller amounts for something that can serve you for years. And, you don’t create a problem of waste and hoarding furniture and other accessories. 


● A lot of helpful advice and discussions online with people who like DIY;

● The cheapest way to reuse and recycle old stuff you already have, instead of just throwing it to trash;

● You get to look closely at what is no longer can be recycled and reused;

● It helps you to practice your creativity;

2. Freecycling

Yet another great option for people who care for the environment and want to implement reuse, reduce, and recycle in their lives. Freecycling is all about people sharing and supporting each other in their community. If DIY is about your creativity and desire to change something you have, freecycling relies on sharing something you don’t need.

People don’t charge you or charge small amounts for good items. You can give something in exchange or look for the offers people have. It is fun to create a good network and care for the community. 


● You can find anything for your home using freecycling network in your local town;

● You can get rid of things you don’t need and find people who might find them useful;

● You reduce waste and spend no money on goods;

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3. Houseplants From What You Have

Another great and cheap solution for home design has greenery at your house. And you don’t need to spend even a penny on it. 

It is possible to grow veggies that you can cook or plant seeds of decorative plants. You don’t always need to buy seeds; you can also grow plants from cuttings. Yes, it may take some time, but it is rewarding to see your creation bloom. 


● Plants improve your mood and reduce fatigue;  

● They improve your health;

● They are a great part of the home design that transforms your room or apartment;

● You don’t need to spend extra money for maintenance, only if you decide to grow some exotic types; 

4. Thrift Stores and Markets

Thrift stores and flea markets are not only about clothes and accessories. Many second-hand shops have high-quality items for cheap. You need to have some time and a sharp eye for treasures that can make your room functional and stylish. 

It is the best place to look for furniture and decorations that can cost hundreds in stores. Unfortunately, many people overlook this option because they think buying used items is not a great idea. But, on the other hand, they miss a great opportunity to save money and find top-notch furniture with small or no defects whatsoever.

Flea markets often have unique items you won’t find anywhere else. As a result, many people put their collections on sale or want to exchange them for something else. 


● Various great offers for considerable prices; 

● Unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else;

● Hidden gems that you can find in thrift stores are a reward in themselves;

5. Discount Stores

Many good items are often on sale, and if you visit a discount store, you can snatch a great deal with an additional percent off. There are plenty of discount store types you can find in your town or cities nearby. Of course, it is not always the most convenient choice, but you should try it. There could be real treasures in many departments that you would use in your home.


● Discounts and additional percent off for your purchases;

● Many options for new items;

● A wider choice for any type of home design you want to find in comparison to smaller thrift shops;

6. Estate Sales

If you are okay with visiting the estate sale, then it is a chance to find a good deal for cheap. Estate sales only sound grim, but it’s not always about someone passing away and families dealing with selling their belongings. Instead, these sales are a great opportunity for families to get rid of furniture or something they don’t want to take to their new residence. Usually, these types of sales have everything from pots, pans, and bigger furniture for cheap.


● High-quality items for cheap;

● A wide choice to pick from; 

Wrapping Up- Ways to Save on Home Design

There are plenty of options to transform your house and save a penny. You shouldn’t be afraid to look for options you never considered before, even if you don’t have a degree. After all, your home design can benefit from even the cheapest option if you put your heart into it. 

It is important not to fall for expensive things if you are saving for your future. Avoid taking loans or buying something impulsively. The best things come from those who know how to look for them. We hope that ways to save on home design helped you and also saved you some money.

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