8 Ways to Get Your Dorm Room Ready for the Holidays

8 Ways to Get Your Dorm Room Ready for the Holidays

Christmas is around the corner! Do you already have in mind how and where you will celebrate, or are you busy with writing research papers and preparing for tests? Either way, it is a must for anyone to have a day off and make their dorm room look lovelier and more welcoming for holidays.

If you live on campus, it does not mean you should keep your dorm room boring and dull. Just like at home, you are going to need some changes from time to time. Bringing the Christmas mood to your room can be one of the easiest ways to make your studies less stressful. But how do you do it? Check out the tips below to make sure you do not miss any good ideas and get down to brightening up your dorm room!

1. Have a Full-Scale Cleaning

Before you even start decorating anything, make sure you get rid of old stuff you no longer use or the things that just pile up. A dusty and messy place can hardly benefit from some enhancements. In the worst-case scenario, you will only make the clutter more visible. So, first of all, clean all the items and surfaces that collect dust. Hide or get rid of some of them.

Sort out your study materials – throw away all the old notes you do not need. Go through the books lying on the table and hide all of those that you have not used recently. If there is a novel you have been trying to start reading for weeks to write your literary essay, you will probably not do it anytime soon.

In case the deadline is close enough, just google “write my essays with EssayPro writers” and proceed with the stuff you can handle. Do not risk your grades if all you are capable of right now is procrastinating. Moreover, if you distract yourself from studies for some time and take care of other aspects of your life, you may feel better and ready to complete new assignments yourself.

2. Opt for Small Decorations

A dorm room is still a room where you live and store all your stuff. So, there are few chances you have a lot of space to put a real Christmas tree there. Yet, you can start with little things like a figurine, a plush deer toy, a Christmas sock, or a pillow with a winter print on it.

Another option is to use artificial snow to paint wintery pictures on the windows. Make sure you put the accents right and do not overdo it. You should be able to concentrate while sitting in the room.

Photo by Michelle on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3. Choose a Major Decoration

Even if you can’t have a traditional Christmas tree in your room, consider getting a small one composed of branches. You can make one yourself or buy it. In case you are against this old tradition, buy an artificial tree. As for decorating it, you can purchase ready-made baubles or create some ornaments yourself.

It does not mean you need to handcraft glass bulbs and paint them. The ornaments can be crocheted or made of wood. Look for wooden decorations in art shops or online. Depending on your preferences, paint them in different colors, varnish every item, and let the Christmas mood in!

A Christmas wreath is also a great substitute for the tree. If you would like to craft one yourself, consider the following add-ons for it:

  • gingerbread cookies;
  • pine cones;
  • sweets;
  • ribbons;
  • tiny Christmas bulbs;
  • dried fruits and berries.

4. Add More Light

String lights are meant not only for decorating trees. Hang them around a mirror, windows, or put them along the floor line. Adding a jar light or a lantern is another option. The only thing to mind is that cool lights and warm colors in the room may not be a good match.

You can also hang fairy lights either in your room or even outside – on a bush or tree. That way, whenever you look out of the window, they will cheer you up a bit and can make the day brighter. It is especially important when the weather is cloudy or hazy.

5. Add New Aromas

Nothing lights up your mood like a pleasant smell of pie, fruits, or fir-tree. They can come from

  • candles;
  • a branch of a pine tree;
  • pine cones;
  • tangerines;
  • aroma oil diffuser with a Christmas scent.

Just do not forget to free up some space if you plan to use candles and extinguish the latter when leaving the room.

6. Turn On Holiday Music

If you have a gadget that you leave in the room most of the time, compose a Christmas playlist and play it in the background. When you go out, do not turn it off. Just let it play and welcome you when you come back from studies exhausted.

It is not only about traditional versions of Christmas songs, though. In case you are not a fan of sweet melodies, there are numerous covers ranging from pop and pop-punk to hard rock. Let It Snow has been covered more than 100 times, so there is definitely something that will match your taste in music.

Photo by Hotel Continentale on Unsplash

7. Buy Thematic Bed Clothing

Even such a small thing as bed clothing can help you make the room less boring and add to the celebration mood. Linen with pictures of deers, Christmas trees, gift boxes, and string lights can be the main accent in your room in case there is too little space for bigger decorations.

If you decide to stay on campus for holidays and, as an introverted person, spend a lot of time in your room, make sure you also have holiday clothes. Of course, it can be something less home-stylish than pajamas. Yet, it is easier to lie in your bed and watch some holiday-related movies when you have cozy clothes on.

8. Opt for More Sustainable Products

It is always better to surround yourself with decorations made out of natural materials that were obtained from sustainable resources. For that purpose, look for an FSC logo on wooden products and avoid plastic decorations you will have to throw away in a couple of weeks.

Consider visiting sustainable fairs like Columbus Circle Holiday Market in New York City. There are also online events like Sustainable Christmas Workshop (by the Sustainable Lifestyle Coach) that will help you make your holidays more eco-friendly.

Summing Up – dorm room ready for the holidays

Christmas mood does not come by magic. One should create it for themselves. Whether you are going to spend your holidays at home or stay on campus, make sure you create it for yourself wherever you go. Whether it is about music, special snacks and desserts, or movies, just do it. Even small decor items will do good.

Also, remember that it is better to have fewer decorations rather than make your room look like a Christmas market. Try to stick to minimalism. Finally, you need to be able to study there instead of being distracted every five minutes by blinking lights and struggling to find something because of the decorations.

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