How to fit everyone around the Christmas table

How to fit everyone around the Christmas table


Christmas Day is supposed to be about family, love and all things festive. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend far too much of the day stressed about Christmas dinner and trying to squeeze everyone around the dining table.

This year, it’s time to pre-plan your seating arrangements and get organised early. Check out these space-saving tips so that everyone can have a seat at the dining table this Christmas.


Folding Table

Why not buy a folding table to use for birthday parties, special occasions and you guessed it, Christmas?

You can store it in the attic or garage when you don’t need it. They come in a range of colours, styles and sizes to fit all of your seating needs.



You can squeeze double the amount of people around your kitchen table with a bench on one side. Get a bench for your dining table to add a touch of Scandi to your home and a great seating hack.

If you don’t need a bench in the kitchen on a daily basis, you can use it in your hallway as a place to put your shoes on.


Use your hallway

Coats, bags and shoes will crowd your space and waste valuable seating areas. Ask your guests to put their belongings in a spare bedroom or the hallway. By keeping these items tucked away, your home will look less cluttered and crowded.

After all, you want to fit all of your guests into your home while making them as comfortable as possible.


Low table 

Fancy Christmas dinner with a Japanese twist? Invest in a stylish low coffee table and style it up with candles, cushions and blankets.

This is a great way to make your Christmas Day a little cosier while fitting lots of people in. However, bear in mind that older people may not be able to sit on the floor for long periods of time.


Separate tables

If you have a few smaller tables, split the adults and children up. You can have a kids table with games and child-friendly food and drink. Then you can use the larger table for all of the adults.

This way the children at your Christmas dinner won’t get bored by the adult conversation.

When you are hosting Christmas dinner, try not to invite too many people. Remember to keep it small, cosy and manageable!

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