Top Landscaping Trends to Consider for 2023

Top Landscaping Trends to Consider for 2023

Do you want to revamp your home’s landscaping? You can do many things to create a stunning space, but it can be tricky to determine which is ideal. Whether it’s a lush wildflower garden or a cozy fire pit, the choices are endless but, at the same time, overwhelming. If you’re interested in learning about some incredible landscaping trends to consider for 2023, consider these ideas below.

Benefits of Home Landscaping

It Increases Your Home’s Value

A major benefit of landscaping is that it can boost your home’s curb appeal, increasing its value. It can also protect your home from weather elements, like heavy rain, which keeps your living space in good condition. 

It Calms Your Mind

Landscaping can be a great way to promote relaxation. It helps create a tranquil outdoor space you can enjoy any time of the year. Studies have shown that being around gardens and gardening can significantly improve one’s mental health

It Can Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

One of the most interesting perks of landscaping is that it can sometimes keep your heating and cooling bills low. This is because planting shrubs and trees near your living space can provide insulation. Because of this, they can help keep heat inside during the colder months and prevent humid air from sneaking in during the warmer ones. 

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6 Landscaping Trends for 2023

Focus on Foliage Plants

While flowers are usually what many think of for landscapes, foliage can make just as much of an impact. These can be incredibly vibrant and add dimension and textures that flowers can’t. 

Some options to consider adding to your landscape for 2023 include the following:

  • Coral bells
  • Hostas
  • Canna lilies 
  • Boxwoods
  • Elephant ears
  • Wall germander

You can hide these in a pre-existing garden to add bold textures or create a new space dedicated to them. If you have wooded areas, you could plant them beneath the trees to make a flourishing woodland. Make sure that you contrast the different foliages if you want to make a bold statement. Otherwise, they blend in together. 

Include a lot of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is another element to add. While trendy, hardscaping withstands time and will always be in style. 

There are so many possibilities with landscape hardscaping. One is to include concrete pathways or a patio in your backyard. These can make the space look more enchanting and a great entertaining space. A concrete contractor can visit your yard to listen to your ideas and suggest unique options for the area. They’ll also point out some unique features of using concrete over other materials (like brick or stone), such as it’s more durable and comes in various color tones. 

Some other hardscaping ideas include:

  • A garden archway

  • Winding pathways

  • Permanent garden planters

  • Retaining walls

  • Built-in water features (like a fountain)

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Add a Cutting Flower Garden

A great thing about cutting flower gardens is that they don’t always need to be maintained. Instead, let it grow wild in a specific spot and trim flowers as needed. So while you’ll have to weed or trim back spaces occasionally, it’s a simple option that creates a lot of joy and color in your yard. 

Incorporate Edible Plants

Apart from beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers, a growing trend is to mix in edible plants in your garden – something commonly referred to as foodscaping. 

Edible plants not only add color, texture, and sometimes a wonderful aroma but can be eaten! Some options to add include herbs, fruit trees, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Use Patterned Patio Tiles

Rather than plain patio pavers, many are opting for patterned patio tiles. These look like the patio itself was tiled, creating a distinctive look. You can have those that feature contrasting colors or those that come together to have a distinctive design (like stars or swirls). 

To help further emphasize the tile, garden walls are often built around it. This creates a cozy oasis while also highlighting the tile design. 

Install a Living Wall

Consider dedicating a spot to a living wall if you have the space. As its name suggests, it’s a structure covered in plants. This provides an excellent privacy border while creating a beautiful landscape focal point. 

A contractor can install the main wall, including pockets where you can add the plants. Over time, the plants will grow completely, covering them. A living wall is perfect for those who live in an urban area and want a good spot for landscape biodiversity in a small yard. 

If you’re looking for landscaping options to transform your yard in 2023, consider the ones above. They make a positive and lasting impact that will make your living space gorgeous and relaxing. 

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