Pricila House by Martin Gomez Architects

Pricila House by Martin Gomez Architects

Architects: Martin Gomez Architects
Location: Nunez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 1000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Alejandro Mezza

Pricila House was a wagered to an area resurgence. In Buenos Aires, “Stream” was a private region that wound up undermined because of the River Plate soccer super stadium and its presentations. With the resurgence of the Nuñez neighborhood, River (found just steps away) began to recuperate its wonder close by with new establishments, ventures, and high-class eateries.

In view of this we made a house that these days is seen as a satellite, subsequent to the circumscribing structures demonstrate this section in the middle of yesterday and tomorrow.

_MG_0350Pricila speaks to our craving of future. With a solid structure, that it is appeared in the façade, it welcomes its neighbours to figure whats in its inside. With 1000 sqm built in a castle structure, with roofs of 3 meters high, and fabulous measurements, Pricila shocks in each corner.

_MG_0438The materials picked are of incredible respectability. Lapacho wood for all its inward floors, or marble for all the outside including the pool, altogether sided in marble.

A roundabout stair goes about as the focal point of convergence. Made of solid, wood and stainless steel, it winds up with a roundabout bay window that crowns the staircase.

The house opens totally to its inside, highlighting its tropical greenhouse, similar to a desert spring amidst the city, and winds up shutting to the outside with wooden shades, and a gigantic solid casing that encases the first floor box.
Taking after the studio’s rules, the venture dependably goes with the way of life of its tenants, being them avid seekers, this house welcomes them to appreciate the outside, with grills, open air smokestacks, jacuzzis, pools, and even work on shooting space

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