3 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Front Garden

Face Forward: 3 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Front Garden


Cultivating a front garden is a lovely hobby in the best of times, but with most of us spending all our free time at home, such projects have increased in popularity. Still, many of today’s hobbyists are novices when it comes to working the earth, and that means questions. What should you plant and how do you take care of them? What tools will you need? New gardeners have questions, but don’t worry because the pros have answers to 3 of the most common concerns.


What Tools Do You Need?

Just as you wouldn’t start cooking without ensuring you have all the ingredients, you also shouldn’t break ground on your garden until you’re certain you have the right tools. Luckily, you don’t need too many tools to get started. In addition to a trowel and larger shovel, you’ll want to have a rake, a tool for aerating the ground, and a hose and watering can. Depending on the size of your garden and the features, you may also want to invest in some additional garden gadgets like a leaf hauler, garden cart, and reusable garden bags. 


What Should You Include?

Your garden can include any of a wide range of features – everyone has different styling preferences – but one thing that’s important when designing your front garden is creating some kind of focal point. Since this is the front of your house, though, there are a few top options. You might, for example, install a pergola leading up to your front door or add a water feature to the area. These elements can be further accessorized with plants and decorative elements, but they make for a strong visual foundation.


What About The Trees?

If your front yard already has some tree cover, that gives you certain design advantages since it takes years to accomplish any meaningful tree growth, but it also means you have another element you need to care for, and it’s not an easy one. That being said, pruning trees ensures they stay healthy, grow in an attractive shape, and is important from a safety perspective. That’s because, without proper upkeep, branches can fall on your roof or car, onto a powerline, or strike passersby – it’s vital, but aesthetically and functionally.

It is, of course, understandable if you don’t feel up to pruning your own trees; that’s normal and a professional can always tackle this job. It’s more important that your trees are regularly pruned than that you do it yourself.


Keep It Simple

Gardening is a wonderful hobby because it’s one that you enjoy throughout the course of your life, so don’t worry about mastering it all now. Instead, focus on a few simple skills at a time. Learn what kinds of plants suit your environment or how to get rid of pests. If nothing else, gardening is never boring because even the slightest changes in sunlight or precipitation can impact what grows and you have the luxury of planting new species every year. Start out with something simple and then keep exploring. When it comes to crafting a beautiful garden, the possibilities are endless.

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