Tips and Tricks: Create an Outdoor Garden Oasis

Tips and Tricks: Create an Outdoor Garden Oasis

Do you treat your backyard as a storage room? If it is full of old things you do not really need while you are forced to spend sunny summer days inside, it is time you organize a garage sale, get rid of all the junk, and turn your yard into a garden oasis. This project really doesn’t have to cost a lot, and with some simple tricks you can create your own personal heaven on Earth.

Add a dose of luxury with a pergola

To dress up your deck build a pergola that you can easily cover with vines. This way you will instantly get a comfy seating area that is ideal for entertaining your friends. Yоu can also place some potted plants on the deck and visually blend it into the rest of the landscape.

Create a perfect patio

A patio doesn’t have to be just a piece of concrete in your backyard. In fact, you can easily turn it into a cozy extension of the house where you can read a book or nap during those lazy days. If your patio is already made of brick or stone, you are lucky. However, if you are going to use concrete, make sure you add some texture or color, so it imitates stone. This way you will achieve a more natural look. With some weatherproof furniture, cozy pillows and string lights you can breathe in new life into your old patio. You can also surround it with planting beds, just remember to use a landscape edging kit to stop weeds and pests from destroying your masterpiece. You can check out the most popular choices on

Create an Outdoor Garden Oasis

Build an outdoor kitchen

What sounds better- cooking inside when it is already a hundred degrees in your home, or grilling outside where you are surrounded by greenery and pleasant shade? In case your family loves dining outdoors, you should really consider building a kitchen in your yard. You don’t need a fancy and expensive grill, just a countertop for food preparation and a separate side burner. If you have the budget for it, add a fridge and a sink so your cleanup will be much easier.

Ensure your privacy

How can you be completely relaxed when your neighbors can easily see you? To ensure your privacy and give your garden a cozy vibe you can build a fence or a garden wall, but you can also use lattice, pergolas, and landscaping to keep your home hidden from nosy people.

Opt for cozy furniture

Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to outdoor furniture. You can get a sofa, chairs, tables and benches made of iron, aluminum, and wood, as well as new synthetic, weatherproof materials. There are also fabrics, floor and table lamps that look just as stylish as their indoor cousins but can be left out in the rain with no problem. On the other hand, you can use your old furniture to make quirky planters, bug hotels or compost bins.

Add a hot tub

If relaxing soaks after a long day at work seem like a dream come true, consider investing in a hot tub. Before you install it there are a few things you need to think through, such as privacy, access to the house, and shade. In addition, keep in mind that these tubs are rather heavy, so it will need its own foundation.

Make a pond

With a small pond not only will you attract various birds to your garden, but you will also turn this area into a real oasis. Making your own pond is actually pretty cheap, you just need to a pond liner, some pebbles and stones and a couple of hours to dig a hole.

With these simple tricks you can easily transform your boring backyard into a slice of heaven.

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