Interior Design Trends to Consider if You Want to Sell a house Fast in 2020

Interior Design Trends to Consider if You Want to Sell a house Fast in 2020


Selling a house requires the seller efforts in ensuring that the house is appealing to all the potential customers. Interior designs are like fashion that come and go, meaning it is important to research what is new in the market, or what is in high demand at the time. At least we have a new wave of interior designs after every decade, meaning 2020 is a year to watch when it comes to interior trends. Definitely, some of the trends of 2019 will not go away but should expect new ideas and some improvements to what was there before. Below are some of the interior designs to consider if you want to sell house fast in 2020.

Vintage Accents

Interior Design Trends to Consider if You Want to Sell a house Fast in 2020

People nowadays are bored with old monochrome design and are open to more colour and ideas.

People in 2020 are more likely to gain interest in upcycling that makes some of the vintage ideas welcome to our homes again. One or two vintage pieces are enough to keep it acceptable to most of the buyers.

High- Contrast Décor

High contrast décor is now widely accepted as long as the mix and match leave an appealing design. You can start with the most common colour-contrast of black and white for both the walls and the furniture. The golden rule here is moderation to avoid ruining the style. Maybe you can have a black pillow on a white sofa or paint the window frames black to match with the white interior walls.

Navy Blue

Interior Design Trends to Consider if You Want to Sell a house Fast in 2020

In 2020, blue is the new grey, meaning buyers may show some liking for a navy blue wall or even for the kitchen cabinets as it is the Pantone colour of the year. Just like black, navy blue provides a perfect contrast for the colour white— which is common in our homes. Consider the colour in your resell upgrades, especially in the kitchen and bedrooms but ensure that white is in the mixture. The colour is better than black since it works for both traditional and modern styles as well as both interiors and exteriors.

Texture Mix

Apart from colour choice changes in 2020, colour texture is also another factor to consider if you want to keep your buyer impressed. You can layer up varying textures for the same colour to kill the boredom of monotones. The use of different textures for the same colour will be acceptable to people who like neutrals as well as those who are into mixing colours. You can use cushions to bring this in the living room, but prints and curated knick-knacks would be a better choice for other spaces.

Animal Prints

Animal prints have been and remain a gorgeous fashion in both fashion and home décor. You start small with animal prints to check its compatibility with the existing colours and later go further to shouting areas such as rugs and curtains. No one can resist a perfectly arranged animal print décor design.

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Interior Design Trends to Consider if You Want to Sell a house Fast in 2020

You may be tempted to keep your kitchen cabinets white, but it is also wise to bring in some uniqueness with colours. You can improve the look with a mixture of colours to subdivide the kitchen to lower and upper parts. Use a darker shade for the lower cabinets and a lighter tone for the shelves and cabinets on the upper part. You can use different textures for the same colour since contrasting colours are not the best choice here. You can still show the two colour partitions using contrasting materials for the cabinets. The best thing about this kitchen style is that it works for most of the kitchen style from modern to traditional.

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