Stylish apartment by Brunete Fraccaroli

Stylish apartment by Brunete Fraccaroli

Location: Moema, São Paulo, Brazil

Size: 90 sqm

Photo courtesy: Brunete Fraccaroli


The 90m2 apartment, follows the high tech style with broad appeal to a contemporary style ,marked by the use of colored glass, mirrors, wood with lacquer finish beyond silestone and fine fabrics._DSC8289

Designed for a couple with grown children, they decided to move to a new apartment and this time smaller, but it had a good use of uses, to receive their children and grandchildren._DSC8271
The project carries all the cosmopolitan air of the neighborhood and this is reflected in every detail in the design.
A highlight of the project is the pane of glass with colored film that houses the TV on swivel. It provides a stylish division of space and enables residents can watch TV from the two environments.
Another highlight is the absolute black granite fireplace, which ensures comfort to the living._DSC8281
In the dining room were chosen lacquer table and chairs Supernatural, beyond the swivel armchairs in the living model swan, enameled in gold banquettes Philip Stark supporting the home theater, besides the couch lovers of Micasa.
The kitchen won silestone see in black and joinery, which are interconnected to the rest of the environments and justify the language design.

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