Lopez House near Eagle Rock by Martin Fenlon Architecture

Lopez House near Eagle Rock by Martin Fenlon Architecture

Architects: Martin Fenlon Architecture
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Eric Staudenmaier

This project that is situated in the Eagle Rock region of Los Angeles, is arranged on an unpredictably molded, steeply-inclining part. Confronted with a restricted spending plan, it was especially testing to arrange the requirements of the part while exploiting the site’s clearing view. The proprietors needed the house to summon the zone’s experts building design, so this vernacular served as a premise for the configuration.


The floor levels, stacked over the carport beneath, are ventured up the slope and acclimate to the state of the part. Both the living region and the main room are situated towards the perspective. The fundamental spaces are cross-ventilated and composed around the focal stair corridor, which makes a stack impact that expands the inactive air framework. The dividers of each space in the house are topped with an uncovered header. This strategy, initially got from Bernard Maybeck, was later utilized by Rudolph Schindler as an approach to decrease complete expenses. Each of the headers has been part into two, sandwiching the dividers from the inside and the outside.


They twofold as completion material all around, which decreases the expense while permitting protection and waterproofing to go in the middle. These headers, alongside the greater part of the railings, uncovered structure, and sun-shade trellises, are assembled with normal 2×4’s and 2×12’s, painted dark. What results is a blend of economy, manageability, and structure, showed in the including dark woodwork.

Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-03 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-04 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-05 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-06 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-07 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-08 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-09 Lopez-House-near-Eagle-Rock-by-Martin-Fenlon-Architecture-10

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