Guide To Garage Door Safety Sensors

Guide To Garage Door Safety Sensors

Garage Door Safety Sensors are essential when installing a garage door at your house. In addition, garage owners are required by law to install safety sensors in their garages. There are two of them, one on each side of the garage entry. They will stop the door from closing if there is something under them. Unfortunately, like any other device, garage door safety sensors malfunction, too.

We’ve gathered a few tips from Naperville Garage Door Repair experts on what to do when the sensors are not working as they should.

What issues might you encounter?

The garage Door Isn’t Closing?

The garage door malfunction is the first clue that something is happening with your garage sensor. Something is incorrect if the door opens without difficulty yet closes with difficulty. Another issue is that the door closes and then opens again fast.

1. Dirty Sensors

Dust and debris will regularly gather on the sensor lenses if you live on a busy street and your garage door is frequently opened. Since they’re pea-sized, lenses get dirty quickly and stop transmitting the signal to close the door. 

When you wipe and carefully clean the sensor lens, you can rapidly establish a blocked signal.

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2. Wire Damage

Wire damage is one of the major issues with garage door sensors. Depending on the garage door model, a sensor that flashes orange instead of the standard red light may indicate this type of problem. 

Examine all wires from the sensor to the rear of the opener’s terminals. Untangle the cables and inspect them for any damaged or twisted wires if they are knotted. 

A staple or a nail sliced through the wire insulation can eventually be seen. For the door to work effectively, all of the wires must be undamaged, and they must be properly connected to the garage door opener.

3. Power Supply

The sensor’s green light shows no problems, and the power supply is functioning properly. However, the sensors are powerless and unable to respond if both lights on the sensors are turned out. 

Check if the cable is unplugged, as this will prevent the garage door from closing. Due to a voltage decrease or a power outage, the fuse may blow. After the power source is restored, the sensors will only become operational.

Mentioned above are some of the issues you may encounter with your garage door safety sensor. If you need some repair, call experts or professionals already. That is why the garage door safety sensor should be under maintenance.

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4. Significance of Garage Door Safety Sensor Maintenance

Garage door sensors are important in keeping your garage secure and functional. Because the beam serves as a threshold, it stops the door from shutting if it is broken. 

This is especially useful if you have children or dogs because their presence in the doorway prevents the door from shutting. The door will not close again until the things have moved out of the way.

Regular safety check on your garage door safety sensors is essential. In addition, you will have to identify which parts need some repairs to avoid serious future issues. 

A gentle, clean cloth is usually required to remove debris from the sensor eye. You can fix misalignments by bending the sensors back or tightening the screws to keep the bracket in place. 

A garage door professional can troubleshoot the problem and identify the best course of action to fix it if there appears to be no quick fix. If you have decided to fix this, ensure that the area is shaded and the sensors’ power is turned off. 

If you suspect a wiring issue, call a professional. You won’t be able to access the wire within the sensor housing; only a professional will be able to fully address this issue and sensor replacement.

Garage door specialists are qualified to handle a wide range of issues, including concerns with safety sensors. They understand how garage door safety sensors work and can rapidly identify and fix even the most minor problems. 

If new parts are required, you will replace them at no cost. Choose the right company for your safety!

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