6 Surprisingly Amazing Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

6 Surprisingly Amazing Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing


Commercial pressure washing is so much more than just about keeping your building’s exterior clean; it allows you to manage the building’s exterior and increase the life expectancy of landscaping, parking lot, and the roof. 

This cleaning mode is an essential step in limiting the accumulation of pathogens, dirt, and toxic elements like acid rain on the  exterior of the building. 

Even landscaping elements, including benches, landscape boulders, sidewalks, and parking lots,   turn dirty in a jiffy. 

Mother Nature, Birds, guest activities, and snow remediation chemicals add to the property’s gradual deterioration. 

Rather than leaving things to change, you, as a facility manager, can execute a commercial pressure washing plan and reap all its fabulous benefits. 

Here are six benefits of commercial pressure washing you should know:


Works on Any Surface

It doesn’t matter if you are prepping your building for new paint, looking to reduce hard water deposits, or even looking to eliminate oil and grease from hard surfaces, commercial pressure washing could be  your answer.

You can improve your property’s value by 5-10% with frequently scheduled washing services. This technique works effectively on every facade, be it the fence, patio, walkway, deck, or other hard surfaces.


Enhanced safety and hygiene 

Often upon the arrival of winter, mold, moss, algae, salts, oil, mildew, acidic substances, and other dirt elements pile up on buildings and lead to very unsanitary conditions for your employees and clients. If not washed, these contaminants could meddle with the premises’  air quality and may lead to medical conditions like asthma. Pressure washing is the answer to eliminating all that.


Boosts the life of your commercial building

Commercial business is a heavy investment and therefore needs  proper care and maintenance . Commercial maintenance services help you remove the moss, grime, mold, and other contaminants that can greatly degrade your property over time. 

As these issues are addressed, the life of your commercial property gets enhanced. Moreover, Pressure washing also preserves your building’s exterior paint while  exposing structural issues that could be lurking under dirt or algae. 


Saves Capital

Just like proper maintenance of your car or house appliances saves you cash that would otherwise have been a part of your expenditure, pressure washing of your commercial building does exactly the same. 

It helps prevent the growth of dirt and other contaminants that could wreak havoc to your property and end up calling in for costly repairs.


Makes Cleaning Easier

Regular cleaning involves time-consuming scrubbing. It can be cumbersome to clean more open surfaces using these techniques. But, commercial pressure washing makes the act of cleaning simple. It employs water pressure on surfaces to wipe away all contaminants and obstinate stains from outer surfaces in just a wash.

If you are wondering about getting this done by a usual  aid, think again. Incorrect use of chemicals can lead to more harm than good to the exteriors. 

Similarly, it puts your valuable property at risk by exposing it to run-off chemicals. Instead, assign this task to professionals who can manage it well and safely.


Curb Appeal

There is a reason why people are attracted to a swanky  new structure of a building. The feel of newness, look, and smell brings people’s attention to the building. Several customers who walk into your commercial property usually judge or have the first impression based on  your property’s outer appearance. 

Therefore, it is imperative to keep your property fresh and intriguing. You can contact general commercial contractors to freshen up your building and watch as you acquire and retain more clients for  your business.


Final Words

Facilities Managers who  try to pressure wash  property exteriors without expertise, usually do more harm than good. The incorrect settings could strip away stucco, blow holes on  the roof and walls, and harm your grounds with corrosive detergents. 

This is why assigning commercial pressure-washing remains a safe bet always.

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