Kitchen Color Trends in 2021

Kitchen Color Trends in 2021

Over the past few years, we have used the entire color palette in our kitchen. We went through monochrome phases, we went through the highly colorful phase – and then we went back and forth again, based on how kitchen trends evolved. Considering past experiences, how are color trends going to be when 2020 turns a corner? Well, this is what we believe will be very popular in the year to come.

Bluish Green

People are going more and more for cool-toned colors, and we can expect that this trend will extend into 2021. Blue is popular, and so is green – but what we did notice is that bluish green kitchens are gaining popularity. This sleek color is the perfect choice for those that want an elegant kitchen featuring modern appliances, and it goes best when you combine it with white. Pale hues are popular, but we expect that darker shades will be quite loved as well.

Olive and Hunter Green

These two shades of green are likely to appear a lot when it comes to kitchen color trends 2021. When you have a larger kitchen for which you want to provide a sophisticated, elegant design, these dark colors can always bring some mystery into the mix. Plus, these timeless colors are not very likely to lose their charm and beauty, which is why we expect they will be highly sought in the year to come.


The one color that will never stop being trendy is white. Regardless of the year or century that we are in, white is fresh and clean, and it gives a clutter-free look to your kitchen. We expect that white cabinets and kitchens will become even more popular nowadays, as people seem to be embracing minimalism.

Kitchen Color Trends in 2021

Navy Blue

Navy blue was always popular, and we suspect it will remain just as popular in the year to come. No matter if you are going for a lighter or a darker hue, you should know it offers a look of elegance and sophistication. It will bring the ocean into your kitchen, making everything seem nice and fresh – and in most cases, it is the perfect choice for bachelor kitchens as well.

Old Rose Pink

Pink has made a comeback, but people are no longer looking for that hot pink kind of color. Instead, the general preference seems to be leaning towards old rose. Combined with another warm color, this dusty kind of pink will revitalize your kitchen, making it seem more welcoming and bringing a dose of energy to anyone living in the house.

Kitchen Color Trends in 2021


Similar to white, black is also a color that will never go out of style when it comes to kitchens. Suitable for larger kitchens, black cabinets will make the space seem more elegant and sleeker – perfect for the modern bachelor. This color works extremely well with contrasting hues such as white or red, but the predominant color here has to be black.

Metallic Gray

We’re nearing 2021 – which means that we are making one more step into the future. This color style is very modern, and somehow still reminiscent of the roaring 20s. It will make the entire place look precious, with people using this color not only for accents and appliances but also for the furniture. We expect that this trend will become even more popular in the future, particularly in modern kitchen designs.

Yellow Flashes

More and more people are looking to add a bit of vibrancy in their homes – perhaps a warm color that will bring out an impact without making the room feel saturated. More people are going for warm yellows for their cabinets, but we also saw customers going for yellow accents in decorations. For example, a white kitchen may have yellow backsplashes and other yellow accessories around. All these yellow flashes will make the kitchen feel brighter.

In the end, the color trends will depend mostly on the people and their preferences – but what we expect them to be looking for is a mix of elegance with the right amount of vibrancy. People are looking for coziness and style, and most of the time, they should be able to get it through color.

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