Light Box House by Jonathan Parks Architect

Light Box House by Jonathan Parks Architect

Location: Lido Shores, Sarasota, Florida, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 3,700 sqft
Photo courtesy: Greg Wilson

Situated on a quarter acre lot, this 3,700 SF island residence was designed to reflect the owners’ desire for a minimalist home in which they could equally live and entertain. The home is in Lido Shores, an enclave for modern design centered among the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay.


Located across the street from the water, the owners were surprised by their property’s lack of water view. To accommodate their want of a connection to the water, the architect designed the floorplan to be formed around the pool. Stepping-stones at the entryway lead over a reflecting pond while the entrance hall itself acts as bridge. All the main public and private spaces pivot around the pool, including the entry, circulation areas, the living room, kitchen, outdoor area, library, and master bedroom. Daily rituals, from rising in the morning to preparing meals to arriving home, maintain the owners’ desire for a relationship to the water. The dining room, which centers on conversation, and rooms that are meant to be introspective, like his and her office, are more intimate, taking advantage of views looking out from the property.


A second challenge was to design the home on an oddly angled, trapezoidal lot. To achieve this, the architect designed the home so that the secondary spaces absorb the angle (his office, laundry room, library, and upstairs terrace). This composition allows the principal spaces the openness of a normal flow.


The uncluttered design and palette of simple finishes creates a sense that the interior and exterior spaces are wide open, without ignoring privacy. Unencumbered doorways, multiple vistas, and transom windows grant natural light throughout the course of the day. The result is a home where a multitude of ideas and journeys are woven into a single experience.

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