Westbourne Grove Church Conversion by DOSarchitects

Westbourne Grove Church Conversion by DOSarchitects

Location: London, England, Uk
Year: 2008
Area: 4,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: DOSarchitects

DOS Architects have completed with the consultancy from P & N Homes their stunning transformation of the top two floors of a former church in London’s trendy Notting Hill. The new apartment, which is centred round a beautiful double height space, is a marriage of old and new which brings together state of the art technology, beautiful finishes and architectural details. Traditional elements have been retained, such as the church’s original arched windows and modern features incorporated to highlight the Gothic elements of the building.


The 400m² home has a unique open plan layout which allows almost full transparency between all living spaces and, indeed, its residents. This feature, a specific request of the client, has been achieved through innovative devices such as the cantilevered glass staircase connecting the two floors as well as the glass walls surrounding the master bathroom.

Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-02 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-03 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-04 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-05 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-06 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-07 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-08 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-09 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-10 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-11 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-12 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-13 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-14 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-15 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-16 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-17 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-18 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-19 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-20 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-21 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-22 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-23 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-24 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-25 Westbourne-Grove-Church-Conversion-26

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