Jains Residence by Skyward Inc

Jains Residence by Skyward Inc

Architects: Skyward Inc
Location: Juhu, Mumbai, India
Year: 2015
Area: 2.100 sqft / 195 sqm
Photo courtesy: Skyward Inc

The customers needed each side of their home to have a profound individual hugeness. They were enthusiastic about mixing Santoshi’s ( customer ) interesting encounters of experiencing childhood in a family that was into development with Grecian impacts to make a climate that was charmingly rural and loose. Sehool kapashi outline accomplice skywardinc was given the assignment of uniting different impacts and making their thoughts stylishly and for all intents and purposes practical.


The home covers a zone of 1800 sq.ft. what’s more, is situated at Juhu, Mumbai. Skyward’s idea driving the undertaking was to breath life into the family’s different recollections. We did a great deal of conceptualizing alongside the customers and consolidated there thoughts and sees, utilized Grecian topics and upcycled components to accomplish this.


Sehool utilized Calming shades of blue and white element vigorously over the whole space. A broad material palette was utilized to include a bunch of compositions and a crude, natural feel to the home. This incorporated the utilization of bond to frame a bended base for the couch, waste plywood to cover a piece of the front room’s roof, a stand-out focus table created from the storage compartment of a tree, iron flame broils for racks and old pipes funnels in the bookshelf.


Flooring utilized over the living , kitchen and masterbed room is white consistent concrete based floor, which thus gave it feeling of interminability and the dividers were textured with white lime mortar.


As an undertaking in light of the ‘uncovered solid idea’, there was no false roof to conceal the wires that ran the length of the house. The lighting was laid in a specific matrix, in order to keep up the tasteful. The style is aberrant and surrounding to give a warm vibe.


Staying aware of the topic of upcycling, we likewise utilized lights made out of dried gourds to include a component of astonishment!


From sourcing a 50-year-old Haveli way to joining a chalkboard molded as New York’s horizon on Kyna (the Jains’ 10 year daughter’s) pantry, we guaranteed that the furniture was an exceptional interwoven of both sourced components that can be upcycled and bespoke parts that would fit the rural subject and the family’s needs superbly.


Skyward took after an open-arrangement while outlining the living range and the kitchen. The thought was to make a space so consistent, that nothing would intrude on the observable pathway of the viewer. The open-kitchen was a suggestion from the woman of the house, who needed the kitchen to have a personality for itself and be effortlessly available when they entertained their companions. The open-arrangement additionally guaranteed that the space was used to its maximum capacity.


The storeroom corner, as well, takes after the open-arrangement and is furnished with blinds that can be utilized as needs be.


Each room of the house is an impression of the general population living in it. The Master room houses the numerous recollections of the Jains against a textured divider in a moderate setting. Kyna’s room radiates a lovely vintage charm and the plentiful space on her slate secured closet empowers her to express her inventiveness in the limits her own room.


An old mortar has been used as a washbasin in the sandstone secured restroom, keeping with the upcycling subject.

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