Hike Loft in Paris by SABO Project

Architects: SABO Project
Location: Montmartre, Paris, France
Year: 2015
Area: 775 sqft / 72 sqm
Photo courtesy: SABO project

SABO was welcome to reevaluate the Paris condo of a youthful style originator hoping to expand her space. The outline comprise of a few segment evacuations and the insertion of a multi work thick divider going about as stair, office, show, wardrobe, fabric stockpiling, common and manufactured light source or sliding apportioning. The permeable furniture takes into account regular light to achieve a focal passage and in addition confining perspectives between the new room and the living room.The influencing ventures of an other tread stair commends the encompassing slopes and climbing society of Montmartre.

Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-01 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-02 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-03 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-04 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-05 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-06 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-07 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-08 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-09 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-10 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-11 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-12 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-13 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-14 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-15 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-16 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-17 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-18 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-19 Hike-Loft-in-Paris-by-SABO-Project-20

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