Decor Trends and Trend Colors for Christmas 2019

Every year, we see a particular trend pertaining to Christmas decoration and this year is no different. From traditional red and green and gold to something colorful or minimal, the Christmas decor trends change as the year passes. Depending on what’s on trend, you may want to decorate your home and give your old ornaments and decorations a new twist. So transform the aesthetics of your home by taking inspiration from the Christmas décor trends of 2019.

Want something magical, unique and word changing? Who doesn’t, right? But they say that Christmas is a magical time, full of wonders and light, and it may indeed be so. For us, designers and stylists, part of its magic line in the beautiful richness of its tactile impact, in the exquisite delight that the holiday brings to the senses – the smells and tastes, colors and lights, memories and expectations…

For us there are four highlights among the decor trends for Christmas 2019.

One trend that is currently establishing itself are patterns “embossed” baubles. They are present in all color and style variants this year. These are baubles that, when made of glass, are blown into preformed molds. Thus, the bauble has diamond patterns or lines. Paired with a metallic used look, they are an eye-catcher on any tree, no matter which style you prefer. Even on a modern tree – when used in moderation.

The following materials are also important on Christmas: cones, eucalyptus and pine.

Pine cones can be staged in a variety of different ways and are available in so many different shapes and sizes that they are used everywhere. Eucalyptus exudes a touch of exoticism, but its bright finish makes it perfect for Christmas decorations. The long pine needles quickly fill a wreath and look florid or plain in the floristry – depending on how you use them. That’s why the pinewood fits so perfectly in the quite opposite decor trends for Christmas 2019.

Deer, Rocking Horse & Co. – trendy decorative figures for Christmas.

Regarding decorative objects we further see bells, rocking horses, but also the mushroom, which can be used from your autumn decorations. Even the Christmas tree as a pure decorative object is in demand this year. Animal motifs are mainly the deer but also polar bears and snowy owls which can only be used in certain Christmas themes.

Fluffy materials as an important decorative element for this year’s Christmas decoration.

For the fabrics, it is also a contrasting pair which belongs to the decor trends for Christmas 2019. Depending on which Christmas trend you choose to decorate, there are on the one hand long-fluffy fleeces like sheepskin and their imitations, or velvet look. On the other hand, decorative fabrics such as table runners made of polyester with lush sequin embellishment or mica effect. Or you make it quite puristic: a wire mesh painted or natural, in which decorative objects such as cones, larch branches and baubles can be draped.

What style will you choose for this year’s Christmas?

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