Which Glass is the Strongest?

Which Glass is the Strongest?

Strong glass throughout the home is vastly essential to ensure the best quality and safety of the residents. In this article, you will find out which glass is the strongest. Tempered glass is exceptionally significant for the windows, showers, railings, etc. It is a guaranteed investment that will protect you and your family from broken glass. There are 11 types of glass with their respective manufacturing process, which offer different functions in your home, such as severe weather, intruders, noise disturbance, privacy, or decoration.  Learn more about custom glass professionals at CM Glass LLC and their services if you build or remodel your home in the South Florida area. 

1. Tempered Glass

When tempered glass is disrupted, it doesn’t break into larger shards rather small pieces, which are safer. Its manufacturing process defines it as a form of annealed glass that is cut, super-heated, then rapidly cooled. The process of constructing tempered glass makes it significantly stronger than standard planes as it creates an even distribution of pressure throughout the glass. As a result, tempered glass is three to four times stronger than normal glass. 

2. Acoustic Glass

Living downtown, near train tracks, or by a busy road, you will hear various external noises that can be quite a nuisance. There are sound restricting glass options for your windows optimal for noisy areas. This thick glass can ricochet the sound waves back out away from your home as it drowns out the noise on the inside.

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3. Laminated Glass

The overall security of your home is vastly important and should be considered when designing or renovating your home. Certain panes are designed to trip the alarm when broken, and others are fire-resistant. Although tempered glass is one of the strongest amongst the bunch, laminated glass makes it more difficult to break into your home. Laminated panes are extremely difficult to break in and even harder to get through as they are lined with plastic on each side.

4. Glass Bricks

Glass bricks serve a dual purpose of being practical and decorative. The visual texture allows natural light to filter into the home, creating stunning light effects while maintaining the element of privacy. In addition, due to its manufacturing thickness, glass bricks reduce noise and insulate against heat and cold to save energy.

5. Obscure Glass

If strangers peeping into your home is a major concern, consider using obscure glass. Obscure glass is structured to protect your view and privacy within your home by the process of glazing. This glass is optimal for bathroom windows, nosy outside constituents, or those who live on a busy street. 

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6. Textured Glass

This glass is great for viewing privacy within the home. Textured glass is embossed on molten glass with patterned or decorative designs. This type of glass has a translucent surface that ensures privacy and allows light to pass through. It is great for bathroom windows and shower cubicles. 

7. Tinted Glass 

This glass offers a layer of metal oxide that forms the tinted glass. This type of glass is available in varying colors, such as blue, gray, bronze, brown, and green. Its tinted surface prevents heat transmission by controlling the intensity of the sunlight that enters the home externally. In addition, the tint can block the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays, which prevent fading of upholstery and other materials.

8. Decorative Glass

Aesthetics in the home is also an important matter. Rain, reed, frosted, and glue-chip glass is the perfect option for your home if you want a decorative approach. There are various ways these glasses can be used throughout the home to put a stylish touch on them. For example, you can create an elegant entryway in your foyer or a statement piece in your kitchen. 

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One of the most important decisions regarding energy efficiency is the selection of glazing. The term refers to two or more window panes separated by a space that reduces heat transfer across the home’s envelope. 

If you are looking for a type of glass that is strong and resistant to breaking, tempered glass is the best option. However, remember that tempered glass can still break, so be careful when using it.

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