Patterned Glass in Your Home

Patterned Glass in Your Home

Diversity is one of the keys to home decoration. If you can maintain harmony amid this diversity, you are a master home designer. It is not rocket science. Just make sure the different decorative elements are complementing each other. That’s it. Your home will be a point of attraction for any gathering. Patterned glass is a perfect element that you can add variety in different corners of the home. Fab Glass and Mirror has a wide collection of such decorative glass that will turn your home into a space for tranquility.

Reeded Glass for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors made with reeded Glass creates a creative design about the sticks behind the door. These semi-obscure glass types diffuse the light and make things partially visible.

If you don’t want to show off the skillet or Dutch-pan collection but love to make people guess, reeded glass is the perfect solution. These translucent glass types will cover what’s behind while creating a mystic ambiance in the kitchen.

You will get both the privacy and display for the kitchen items. The parallel or near-parallel texture diffuses the light and creates a soft tone inside the kitchen. This tone is just perfect for having a great family breakfast or a vibrant dinner with friends.

Just imagine how peaceful the cooking will be when you have such a soothing and serene environment around you.


Rain Texture Glass for Bathroom Windows

These patterned glass types perfectly recreate a rainy ambient around you. No wonder these will perfectly complement the bathroom interior so used in bathroom windows. It is also common to use rain textured glass in the bathroom separation.

Semi-translucent appearance and flexible texture make these glass an ideal choice for doors, windows, and separators. No matter if it’s cloudy or bright outside, you will get the feel of drenching in the rain.

The glass diffuses the light and creates an excellent light and shadow texture inside the bathroom. You can use these flexible glass creatively within the bathroom. Sheer durability can withstand any impact and keep the surface intact.

Although this stylish glass started its journey from glazing companies, it is one of the most popular decorative glass sheets in the industry now.

Patterned Glass in Your Home

Crackled Glass Table Top

This, apparently, shattered glass has been used for decoration since the 16th century. This Venetian glassmaking technology has made its way in our home and workplace, typically as a tabletop.

The manufacturing process is unique. After making it, the hot glass was immersed in ice-cold water. The sudden change in temperature crackled the glass and gave a distinct look.

In the early days, that cracked Glass was heated to infuse and join the pieces. However, the recent glass companies sandwiched the cracked glass between laminated adhesive layers.

These three layers technique enhances the durability of the glass. Besides, the surface is tough enough to absorb any dent and impact. So, it is one of the most popular choices for tabletops. Whether a conference table or a coffee table, this crackled texture will always be the center of attraction.

Gluechip Patterned Glass Wall Separator

This is a relatively new technique for making frosted or fern-like patterned glass. In the early 20th Century, this technique became popular among glazing companies. The Glass made its way in millions of homes.

The frosted glass appearance makes perfect choice to use in the window, door, and separator. Many other options are available now for windows and doors, so this Glass is limited in making the separation. However, it is a champion choice.

Winter frost or fern shape patterns diffuse the light and make it obscure to see what is on the other side. So, you can use it to separate the shower area of the bathroom from the other part. The mystic look and dim light during our shower will make the time truly yours and tranquil.


Aquatex Obscure Glass for Fixed Shower Screen

If you are looking for a patterned glass for decorative partition, bathroom screen, or shower door, aquatex obscure glass is a perfect choice. The texture of the glass is an ideal blend of privacy and light diffusion. It inspires your imagination by only revealing the shadow.

Slight ripple pattern of the surface affects the visibility of the glass and its see-through quality. Rolling and sandblasting the glass makes it an obscure medium that diffuses the light.

The shower screen requires a glass that can offer privacy and durability. And you can get both from the aquatex obscure patterned glass. However, privacy won’t disappoint if someone really wants to see through. At least the glass will ignite the imagination.


Warp Up!

Have you decided which glass you want to decorate and diversify your home? If not, don’t worry and visit Fab Glass and Mirror. We have the expertise and repository to fulfill all your needs.

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