Leather Accents Into Your Home Décor

Here’s How To Work Leather Accents Into Your Home Décor

The amount of time we spend at home has created a need for comfort, coziness and nostalgia. This is why natural materials, such as organic fibers, plants and leather have become popular decorating materials: these items can help us to feel calm, grounded, and connected to nature. Leather, in particular, has always been a mainstay in homes, since it can add a classic and luxurious vibe to any style of décor. But you don’t have to limit leather to your couch or other key pieces of furniture. Whether your living space has a contemporary, traditional or modern feel, here are some ideas on how to stylishly incorporate leather accents into your home décor.

Consider having leather throw pillows on the sofa

With its soft, buttery feel and wide range of colors, the possibilities for leather are endless. Depending on how you use it, you can transform your home’s entire look with just a few touches. One of the reasons why you should choose leather pieces and accents for your home is that they’re low-maintenance, and you can clean them up with plain water and a mild non-detergent soap. To care for your pieces, apply a leather conditioner to keep them soft and supple and prevent them from cracking. In case they get damaged, it’s possible to fix tears and rips with a leather repairing kit, making sure to follow the instructions to the letter to get the best results.
For those who don’t want to commit to a full leather couch, ease into the trend by having a few leather throw pillows on the sofa. Using leather pillow covers is a great way to upgrade a basic, neutral colored couch. For a chic look, create contrast by pairing a light colored couch with taupe or chocolate brown leather throw pillows. For added texture, place one or two sweater knit pillows in a contrasting shade on the sofa, making sure to place them in equal intervals among the leather pillows.

Upgrade your flooring with leather floor tiles

Leather may seem like an unsuitable flooring material, but it really depends on where you have it at home. If you want to incorporate leather floor tiles in some parts of your home, consider having it in the bedroom, home office, or home theater. It’s a great option for these areas, since leather can muffle or reduce sound coming from the outside, and it feels soft and comfortable underfoot, allowing you to go barefoot while you’re watching a movie or working from home. Leather floor tiles are also adaptable to changes in temperature and humidity, so your floors will feel wonderfully warm in winter and cool in the summer. Moreover, they look a lot more stylish than vinyl tiles, so it’s a great way to update the look of your home without having to do a major renovation. If you want to use leather tiles in wet areas, make sure to look for water-resistant finishes so that your tiles will last a long time.

Decorate with leather items

Some artists such as Perlet Boveland, Ramon Vintro, and Robert Slivchak work with leather instead of paint to create stunning art pieces for the home. You can decorate your walls with leather paintings, or look for handcrafted leather sculptures online. Beautiful vintage leather items can also be used as conversation pieces, so don’t hesitate to display your grandfather’s leather baby shoes or that vintage leather bag that’s been handed down to you.
Little touches of leather in your home can give your house a chic and luxurious feel. Consider these ideas to incorporate leather accents into your home to create warm, comfortable and beautiful living spaces.

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