How to Make Space for Hobbies in a Small Home

How to Make Space for Hobbies in a Small Home


If you live in a small house, it can be difficult to find the room for all the things you need, let alone make space for hobbies as well. Don’t despair, follow these tips to learn some great ways of making space for the hobbies you love in a small house.



The first thing you need to do to make space in your home is declutter what is already there. Do you have a corner or cupboard that you put junk in? Most people do. Clean this out and you might find that you have a little more space for your hobbies than you thought you had.


Make the Most of the Space You Have

Think about whether you use all the space in your home. For example, do you always park your car in your garage or do you tend to leave it on the driveway? If you do the latter, you may have garage space you do not use that could be turned into hobby space. If you don’t have a garage, could you utilize a basement or loft space instead? You do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money renovating your home to incorporate your hobby. Depending on what your hobby is, just adding a desk, chair and room for storage can often be sufficient for your needs.


Double Up

If you do not have a separate space for your hobby, then you might be able to double up the space you already have. For example, if you want to work out at home, could you push your furniture against one wall to do this? A spare bedroom may not be used a lot, so perhaps you could you put some furniture in there to enjoy your hobby when you don’t have guests staying?


Don’t Forget the Yard

If you have a house, the chances are you have a backyard too. Use this space for your hobby by investing in a garden shed or office. If you are good at carpentry, you could even design and build this yourself to cut down on costs. If you have a patio area, you could always add an awning to keep out the wind and rain and use a section of this as your hobbies area.


Downsize Your Requirements

Consider whether you need all the space you think you need to indulge in your hobby, or whether you could downsize it. For example, you might love playing golf but, unfortunately, most of us will never own a home big enough to have a full golf course in the back garden. A good golf mat is important here, as it is a fantastic way of downsizing this hobby. You do not need a lot of space and they are available for either indoor or outdoor use.


Think About Storage

Storage is going to be an important factor for most hobbies. Plan this well and you can indulge in most hobbies in a small house. If you need a table and chair for your hobby, treat yourself to items that already have storage in them. Using a desk rather than a table could give you a lot of space, or you could consider a chair that has storage under the seat. Put up some shelves above the desk for additional storage and you will be surprised by how little room you have taken up.

You may need to think outside the box to find space for your hobby in a small house, but it is certainly possible. Use these ideas and you will be able to enjoy your hobby from the comfort of your own home.

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