Glass & Walnut Loft in Paris by CUT Architectures

Glass & Walnut Loft in Paris by CUT Architectures

Architects: CUT Architectures
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: David Foessel

The loft spreads more than two stories, with a more extensive part on ground floor taking advantage of the common light both from the road and the yard.


The task has been imagined to fit the serious social existence of its proprietors, offering a wide living space joining a parlor, a kitchen, a lounge area and a showroom/study.


A bended clear glass volume engrafted with the road façade expands the straightforwardness of the principle space yet offering the likelihood to be detached on account of coordinated drapes taking after the bended glass. This space can along these lines be utilized and in addition a study or a visitor room.


Bringing together the entire space, each wooden cladding is made of walnut, covering the floor and the roof of the glass volume and in addition the kitchen arranges. At the back of the space, a bended divider matches the bended glass divider, concealing the main room, the toilets, the clothing and additionally an extensive staircase prompting the top floor devoted to the youngsters. Fabricated of crude steel, the staircase and its developed middle of the road arrival stage offers a tranquil and agreeable space to peruse, rest, stare at the TV or play computer games.

Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-04 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-05 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-06 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-07 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-08 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-09 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-10 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-11 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-12 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-13 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-14 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-15 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-16 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-17 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-18 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-19 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-20 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-21 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-22 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-23 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-24 Glass-&-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-25

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