House on the Flight of Birds by Bernardo Rodrigues

House on the Flight of Birds by Bernardo Rodrigues

Architects: Bernardo Rodrigues
Location: Ribeira Grande, Portugal
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Iwan Baan

The house is situated in the north side of S. Michael Island in the Azores. Since the microclimate of this farmland offers regular wind and gives, the first outline system was to obstruct these winds a divider, and offer different porches and secured yards to ensure against downpour. These yards and patios additionally open every living space to the common green by glass dividers, which retreated from the outside.


On the upper-floor, there are private rooms that are more encased and secured. The typology takes after a practically established Palladian and Scamozzi focal arrangement plan, with twofold tallness on lounge, and afterward two sidelong wings encasing one the kitchen.


The house additionally utilizes the high stacks from prominent private structural engineering, a secured inside yard, and the other wing has the flows for the first floor and to the rooftop porch. These two wings end with light passages from the south. The rooftop offers an awesome perspective of the majority of the island’s north shore.

House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-03 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-04 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-05 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-06 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-07 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-08 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-09 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-10 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-11 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-12 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-13 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-14 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-15 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-16 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-17 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-18 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-19 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-20 House-on-the-Flight-of-Birds-by-Bernardo-Rodrigues-21

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