7 ways to keep your front door looking brand new

7 ways to keep your front door looking brand new

First impressions of the home are important to every homeowner, so it is key to keep your front garden, fixtures and front view of your home looking fresh and cared for all year-round. When visitors approach your house, the front door is the first thing in sight, creating a lasting impression on everyone coming in, whether it is for family, potential buyers or just for yourself, here are seven ways to keep the gateway to your home looking brand new.


Replace your brass

Tarnished or rusted metal hardware can make your front door look old and worn. Wear and tear is normal, and this can usually be fixed with some cleaning and buffing, however, if you are looking to replace outdated hardware such as the door knob, letter box or knocker, choose a tone of metal that will compliment and contrast to your door colour, such as bright gold, classic silver or black.


Frame your door

The best way you can draw attention to your front door is by transforming it into a statement piece. By framing your front door, this will make it a talking point and show off your design skills. A great way to do this is by adding greenery, such as hanging baskets, flower beds or large garden plants along the front steps.

7 ways to keep your front door looking brand new


Add a varnish

Whether you are painting your door a new colour or looking to refresh its natural look, wooden doors particularly are prone to aging and will need to be sanded and revarnished due to damage over time. Ensure you know the type of wood that your door is made from before choosing the varnish, due to certain woods bleeding. By investing in a good and suitable varnish for your door, this will help to prevent weather damage and day to day decay.


Don’t use chemicals

It is important to keep up the appearance of your door and prevent dirt, cobwebs and even mould building up over time. To safely clean your door, use a mixture of washing up liquid and warm water to wash down all the exterior followed by a squeegee and a buffing cloth to dry and shine. Whether your door is PVCu, wood or metal, this is a universal cleaning method safe for all materials that avoids the use of chemical cleaning which may damage the material of your door.


Invest in a statement door

If your front door is damaged, dishevelled and cannot be brought back to life, be sure to invest in a new door that will last for decades. Choose a stylish statement door such as bifold doors from Quickslide for a secure yet environmentally friendly door that will evoke compliments and attention. Bifold doors are increasingly popular and offer a certain ‘wow’ factor when looking from the exterior door for your home that is sure to add a stylish yet stable and weather-proof feature to your home.

7 ways to keep your front door looking brand new


Insert a glass pane

Glass panes are often used to compliment and upgrade a front door that otherwise looks plain and dull. By inserting a glass pane or a pattern of glass sections into your door, this will create a stylish and modern look from the outside.


Go bright or go home

If your front door needs a refresh or a new lick of paint, choose a striking yet complimentary colour that will be sure to grab the attention of passers-by. A calming sea-blue is perfect for a brighter yet understated tone, with more daring designers opting for a fresh and clean yellow or vibrant orange to brighten up the day, which will contrast perfectly with neutral brick tones that are ready for a blast of colour.

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