Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal In 5 Simple Steps

Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal In 5 Simple Steps


By increasing your home’s kerb appeal, you are far more likely to entice more viewers to auction and encourage them to make an offer at the asking price. However, if the outside of your home is poorly kept, then a head-spinning nine out of 10 people are likely to offer below the property’s asking price.


What does “kerb appeal” mean?

Kerb appeal basically just means how beautiful and well-maintained your property looks from the outside. Not only does good kerb appeal help to catch people’s attention for all the right reasons, it also suggests to them that the inside of the house is finished to a similar standard.

From the roof and the windows to the front door and lawn, how you present your house to the outside world really can dictate how many people will be interested in buying it.


But is kerb appeal really that important?

Yes, kerb appeal is important. For one thing, how a house looks is very often a key factor in a person’s decision to make an offer. Not to mention the fact that house construction in Australia is at an all-time high, as the industry continues to innovate and progress. In other words, property sellers have a lot of competition at the moment.


Five top kerb appeal ideas for your property

If you want to give yourself a fighting chance of standing out within a crowded property market, then putting some time and effort into improving kerb appeal should do the trick. And, it’s fairly easy to do. Just focus on these five key areas.


1. Fix up your front garden

A gorgeous garden and tidy front lawn are always going to look great to a potential buyer, whether they see it from the street as they pass by or when they’re house hunting online. Prune or discard any unsightly plants and bushes, trim back overgrown grass, and give your flower beds some TLC.

It’s also important that you stay on top of maintaining your front garden. There’s no point in planting seeds if they never get watered.


2. Pay attention to the property’s exterior

A squeaky clean exterior will be far more appealing to investors than a grubby one, so get out your pressure washer and paintbrushes to spruce up the walls, windows, and porch.

Take a look at your front door, too, and ask yourself whether that needs an upgrade. Buyers will be on the lookout for a front door that’s both attractive and secure. Be sure to give them what they want, whether it takes a fresh coat of paint or a total replacement.


3. Light it up

You can add some atmosphere to your home’s exterior all the while giving it an additional layer of practicality, by introducing outdoor lights. Combine task lighting such as spotlights and post lights with accent lighting like fairy lights, for an inviting, functional feel.


4. Don’t forget the roof

It can be all too easy to forget about the roof of your house. But, actually, all good investors will know that 40% of a building’s problems are likely to arise from a damaged roof. Don’t give them any reason to believe that there might be a problem with yours.

Now, many property owners balk at the sheer cost of a new roof, particularly if they’re selling up. However, that new roof could add significant value to your home before it goes to auction, so it’s worth it in the long run.


5. Repair and replace

As well as all of the bigger jobs, it’s important that you pay attention to the details. Those that are looking to buy are going to keep their eyes peeled for any problems with your property, however small. If there’s anything wrong with the exterior of your house, now’s the time to fix it.

You’ll need to clean up any mould or mildew, fix broken guttering, and replace old fixtures like mailboxes and house numbers in order to make your house really shine.


The importance of kerb appeal

When it comes to improving kerb appeal, a little can go a very long way. Not only will you attract more viewers, you’ll also add some serious dollars to the sale price of your property. As such, even if the project ends up being more expensive than you thought, it will definitely be worth it.

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