One Story Modern Home in Olomouc-Slavonín by JVArchitekt + KAMKAB!NET

One Story Modern Home in Olomouc-Slavonín by JVArchitekt + KAMKAB!NET

Architects: JVArchitektKAMKAB!NET
Location: Slavonín, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Year: 2014
Area: 3,897 ft²/ 362 m²
Photo courtesy: Lukáš Němeček

Level area to manufacture a house is situated in Olomouc-Slavonín. Access to the site is from the east side, where it is additionally associated by new carport. The encompassing grounds were up to this point utilized as private greenhouses. Because of development of another access street (counting utilities) set up of the current soil street, lodging advancement in the zone began.


House proposition is intended to make most extreme protection for its tenants from their environment. This is accomplished by impossible to miss ground arrangement of the house. Ground floor volume comprises of three wings and an inward chamber. Structure of the wings makes a U-formed arrangement confronting the south side of the plot.


The fundamental passage is arranged in the east wing of the building where it is associated with the frontage road. It is found halfway in the east façade and is plastically fortified by implanting into building substance as secured patio. In this wing there is for the most part administration zone for the house. The workroom (sometimes utilized as a visitor room) with a corner window toward the road, changing area, shower with can, and utility room with clothing are available specifically from the passage corridor which is lit up by the focal bay window. There are likewise carport and a mechanical room.


Consequent northern wing of the house is the principle living region and it opens up southward into the private chamber, which builds the inside living space by optical connecting to an outside space furnished with a vast organization windows. As a part of the living space there is the lounge area with the kitchen, which is installed in a corner with a sky facing window. The kitchen can be shut from the living region with sliding entryway. Feasting table is isolated from the kitchen by a versatile counter, which additionally serves as an intermittent seating.


Toward the end of the fundamental living space there is regular living zone arranged. The north mass of the living region augments corner to corner from the floor arrangement of the fundamental mass of the house and is finished by a window which sees towards the frontage road. In this space there is a seating range outlined – a seat with a triangular shape in arrangement. Additionally the room is situated to the chamber. It is covered up with the offices in discrete volume near the living range.


West wing of the house is composed as a private zone with kids’ rooms which are openly associated with the principle living space by a passage. Rooms are window situated toward the western part of the patio nursery. Between the rooms and the greenhouse a secured patio is composed inserted in the house volume making a characteristic shield. On the south side there is a washroom for the youngsters.


Configuration of the house comprises in a basic minimized mass proposition with calm organization of the window openings aside from patio implanted into the building volume and a “peephole” expelled at a point from the front room. Basic substance of the house is shut by the parapet along the rooftop edge made of an uncovered cement. On little section of the north veneer it changes over easily into the fortified solid divider. There are glass fittings of a round area fixed by rings of stainless steel orchestrated in a standard example which makes purposes of light inside the house and the chamber.


Surfaces of alternate dividers are put with splendid hues. The size of put surfaces is mollified by plastic swells which make a play of shadows. Shade for the kids’ patio is given a draperies, making additionally semi-private open air space. Surface of the porches is made of a vast arrangement uncovered solid floor tiling. Floor covers are for the most part made of polyurethane with a delicate filling of splendid tones. Bathrooms have extensive organization artistic floor and divider tiles. The internal dividers are generally put with brilliant hues, the dividers in the “peephole” are from Venetian mortar.


The hall dividers are secured with wood sheets with normal oak lacquer which is likewise utilized on wooden entryways and the greater part of the carpentry aside from the kitchen which is made of white varnished sheets. Entryways between the corridor and the living zone are stature to the roof and are punctured with littler round gaps identified with those in outside solid divider. Comparable point of interest is then utilized in the city wall. Kitchen, lavatory and the passageway corridor are lit up by bay windows made of translucent polycarbonate. In sky facing windows there are introduced LED stripes making the bay windows look like inside lights.


Loadbearing divider structure of outer and some interior dividers is composed from clay pieces Porotherm. Strengthened solid divider is a sandwich with the solid layer of uncovered cement all things considered, expelled polystyrene in the center and inside loadbearing fortified solid divider. They bolster fortified cement solid chunk. The rooftop is level single-layered with broad greenery, the establishment framework is from solid strip footings. The window casings are made of aluminum with the warm extension intrusion, the windows are coated with triple coating.


The passageway entryways are full aluminum including aluminum cladding of the yard dividers. The inside entryways are wooden with concealed pivots and the casings adjusted to the divider surface the same path as indoor floor plinths may be. There is underfloor warming in the house, in bathrooms joined with outline radiators, the warmth is delivered by ground source heat pump with profound wells. The house is likewise outfitted with a cooling framework, electronic security framework and insightful control framework.


Amid the second period of the development, there was a patio nursery structure acknowledged on the south side of the property connected to the house by its geometry and stature. An open space outlined between the structure and the house stresses the longitudinal hub of the greenery enclosure that is further created by the general idea of the patio nursery. Among couple of individual trees planted there an unmistakable cherry tree in the back of the patio nursery shuts the pivot in the perspective from the road.

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