Folded Roof House by TOOB STUDIO

Folded Roof House by TOOB STUDIO

Architects: TOOB STUDIO
Location: Yên Bài, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Area: 1,292 ft²/ 120 m²
Photo courtesy: Lê Anh Đức

Vietnam is a tropical nation of run of the mill sticky atmosphere, which shifts in two recognized climate. The temperatures getting from 38 Celsius degree in the late spring might drop definitely down to 10 Celsius degree amid the winter. Since Hanoi entered the industrialization period, atmosphere changes in the capital city have turned out to be more genuine.


These sensational changes and the bog of new advances broaden the uneasiness about nature of urban occupants and along these lines, bear the wild rise of box design matching with the ascent of ventilation systems.


Ba Vi is found 30 kilometers far from Hanoi capital. Its temperatures stay relentlessly cool at around 28 even as Hanoi’s ascent up to 38 Celsius degree.


Because of its primitive hilly biological system generally unaffected by people and the varieties of wild creatures as yet possessing around there, Ba Vi is the perfect area for urban tenants to appreciate and begin accommodating with nature. This, as well, is the essential target for us to begin this task and do the greater part of its missions.


The execution kept going in the normal of 4 months utilizing nearby materials and moderate organizing techniques so that neighborhood constructors could be speedily acclimated to subsequent to preparing and ability progressing.


At speedy look, the high-low housetop framework makes a fascinating fold to substitute the ordinary look of perspectives. The lower rooftop extends and obscures the shade over the vast patio, which decreases indoor temperature and temperature contrasts amid hot climate.


As to, the family room is clear from inside spatial partitions and turns into the spot for urban tenants to associate with each other and come back to nature.

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