Old victorian town house is converted into modern home for a growing family

Old victorian town house is converted into modern home for a growing family

Architects: Russel Jones
Location: London, United Kingdom
Year: 2012
Area: 3.552 ft²/ 330 m²
Photo courtesy: Hélène Binet

“The initial brief for a largely unrefurbished Victorian house on the South Side of London’s Westbourne Grove, centred around establishing a new family home for two adults and their young children. During the course of the project the family expanded from two children to four. Behind the original façade, the buildings circulation, rear form and fenestration limited the development of a new section able to generate enough space for a growing family.


The resulting project involved the complete demolition of all original accommodation behind the front façade, and substantial excavation to facilitate the new proposal.


The original half landing and cross wall configuration was superseded by vertically stacked circulation over six levels, and more generously proportioned and planned spaces. The living and dining area, over two levels, are linked by a double height gallery and motorized door, which opens directly onto a rear courtyard. Family accommodation extends beyond the new lower ground level up to the Westbourne Grove pavement.


Level 1 is dedicated to the Master suite, with the upper levels accommodating the 4 children. The carefully considered simple palette of materials have been chosen to absorb and reflect light and provide continuous surfaces for the clients substantial art collection. Florentine Pietra Serena limestone is used throughout the living spaces and bathrooms, and grey oiled Oak is the primary floor surface in all bedrooms.”

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